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Programs & Services

Pectus Excavatum Program

Mild pectus can be treated with exercise, while moderate to severe cases are candidates for surgery.

What are the types of surgical procedures used to treat pectus?

  • Nuss procedure: A minimally invasive surgery that involves reshaping the chest wall by passing a strong metal bar across the chest and under the sternum. 
  • Ravitch procedure: A surgical treatment that involves making an incision across the chest and removing abnormal rib cartilages.

How do we determine if a patient needs surgery to treat pectus?

  • We run an MRI or CT scan of the chest with a Haller index and pectus correction index.
  • We do a pulmonary consultation with pulmonary function studies.
  • We have a cardiology consultation with a cardiac ECHO and EKG and metabolic stress testing.
  • We run a metal allergy test called Allergeaze.
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