Education for Physicians


Phoenix Children's Hospital is committed to providing ongoing professional education opportunities that enhance and advance the delivery and quality of care for the children of the Southwest.

Whether it's offering continuing medical education or continually expanding our medical information resources for physicians, Phoenix Children's is the conduit that connects the physician community with a diverse selection of professional growth opportunities.

For residents, students, fellows, and interns

Phoenix Children's Hospital is committed to providing training and education to the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Our hospital provides the perfect setting - with our advanced technology and innovative research.

We provide excellent training for:

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Pediatric Residency Program Director

Vasudha L. Bhavaraju, MD

Director of Medical Education, GME

Tamra Coker

Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator

Sandra Barker

Medical Student Coordinator

Steven Allen

Community Academic Contract Coordinator

Antwanette Peoples

Residency Data Coordinator

Ana Velazquez

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