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Landmark alliance between St. Joseph's, Phoenix Children's will elevate pediatric care in Arizona

Phoenix Children's is pleased to announce we have agreed to pursue a landmark alliance with CHW/St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, which transfer a substantial portion of St. Joseph's pediatric services to Phoenix Children's and unite our pediatric Medical Staff, nurses, and allied health staff on the Phoenix Children's campus by 2011.

By combining our pediatric programs, we elevate the overall pediatric care offered in the state of Arizona and achieve a level that will be on par with leading children's hospitals more quickly and efficiently than doing so alone.


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This strategic alliance with St. Joseph's will help us to:

  • Improve access to higher quality pediatric healthcare services in a cost effective manner, which is essential in this economic environment
  • Enhance recruitment and development of resources for new and existing hospital services and programs
  • Maintain and enhance medical services for the underserved
  • Develop comprehensive programs and regional centers of excellence
  • Meets the needs of the tremendous growth in demand for pediatric healthcare services in Arizona
  • Support our vision to be the primary and trusted resource for the development of public policy related to children's healthcare in Arizona
  • Accelerate the development of research programs

This agreement now serves as our starting point for much more detailed discussions by teams of physicians and employees from both organizations to discuss innovative ways to implement the alliance. This is the start of a dynamic conversation in which both organizations have an important role in creating the future of pediatric healthcare in Arizona and the United States.

The integration of our programs will take time, but our "deadline" is mid-2011 when we open the new tower, currently under construction on our Thomas Rd. main campus. For now, nothing changes for our patients and families. You will continue to see your regular healthcare provider right here at Phoenix Children's. Once our definitive agreement is reached, both hospitals will work to ensure that all patients experience a smooth transition of care to Phoenix Children's.

The timing will coincide with the opening of Phoenix Children's new 11-story hospital tower, which is scheduled to occur in summer 2011.


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