About Citrix

Citrix is a remote access portal. It allows a user to connect to the Citrix servers and remotely run an application. The application runs our server, and the user sees the application open on their computer. 

Advantages of using Citrix

Citrix allows users to use applications without being at Phoenix Children's Hospital. With Citrix, users can log in from home or on the road using Internet Explorer.  

Who can use Citrix?

Citrix access is available to:  

  • Phoenix Children's Medical Group
  • Phoenix Children's Medical Staff
  • referring physicians with patients treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital

The applications available to physicians vary depending on your relationship to the Hospital.

  • Referring physicians can view their patient's records in SCM and PACS.
  • Medical staff can interact with their patient's records through SCM, SRM, PACS, and access the PCH intranet.
  • Phoenix Children's Medical Group has access to the same systems they use on-campus.

System limitations:

Users cannot save or print files in Citrix because the files sit on a different network than your computer.

System maintenance

There is currently no scheduled maintenance.

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