Valley Pediatric Triage


Phoenix Children's Hospital's Valley Pediatric Triage (VPT) helps physicians provide excellent care for their patients even when their office is closed.

Responsive to Subscriber Calls

How it works:

1. When a parent calls their pediatrician's office after-hours, they are forwarded to the pediatrician's answering service.

2. The answering service takes the information from the parent and pages it out to a VPT nurse.

3. The VPT nurses then triages calls according to urgency by calling the parent, assessing the child, and giving advice according to VPT protocols.

Other Important Benefits:

* VPT is available for all types of calls, even emergency calls.

* VPT makes emergency room pediatricians available for consult 24 hours a day.

* Documentation regarding each encounter is available to subscribers on the following business day.

* The management team is available around the clock to promptly address any concerns.

Quality Care Guaranteed

Each member of the staff is a pediatric-experienced registered nurse and HIPAA tested and compliant. They receive ongoing, quality pediatric education through Phoenix Children's, and they keep informed on national standards for triage nursing.

VPT nurses are available to educate in-office triage nurses in regards to current practice.

Flexible services to fit subscriber needs

Valley Pediatric Triage works with physicians to provide the most flexible service possible.

Physicians can select the specific times they want coverage and indicate other preferences as well.

VPT nurses answer every call, including blocked line, Spanish language, and long-distance calls. They accommodate high-call volume while maintaining the specific details of each practice's preferences and orders.

After hours, VPT provides its service on a full-time, or as needed basis.

Contact Valley Pediatric Triage

Physicians: For more information, please call (602) 933-3359.

Parents: Please contact your pediatrician’s office for medical advice.

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