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Interventional Radiology

The Center for Pediatric Interventional Radiology (CPIR) at Phoenix Children's Hospital Department of Medical Imaging is committed to promoting and strengthening the future of Pediatric Interventional Radiology. As the only one of its kind for children in the Southwest, the Center provides state-of-the art, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to kids of all ages, including newborns. To fulfill its mission, we have a Pediatric Interventional Radiology Fellowship supported by a team of three Pediatric Interventional Radiologists who have greater than 50 years of combined experience in PIR, as well as dedicated IR technologists and nurses. We are devoted to educating and training future Pediatric Interventional Radiologists.

We perform a large variety of vascular and nonvascular interventional procedures (more than 2,300 per year), including but not limited to vascular access, sclerotherapy of vascular malformations, angiography, vascular embolization, biliary procedures, resection/RFA of osteoid osteomas, arthrocentesis/ arthrograms, biopsies, drainages, and feeding-related procedures. The Pediatric Interventional Radiology fellows and attendees participate in monthly multidisciplinary conferences, including the only Vascular Malformation Clinic in the Southwest, an IR/Pathology conference, as well as an IR/Endocrinology/Pathology conference. There are also weekly didactic and case conferences focused on interventional radiology.

After completing a Pediatric Interventional Radiology Fellowship at Phoenix Children's Hospital, you will be well-versed in minimally invasive procedures in the pediatric population and will be a valued and integral member of the healthcare team.


  • Board Eligible or certified in diagnostic radiology
  • Radiologist-in-training in ACGME approved program

More Information


Interested applicants can contact either/or:

Mirna Valenzuela
Sr. Med. Ed. Program Administrator
Radiology Department
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phone: 602.933.2089
Fax: 602.933.1264

Scott Jorgensen, MD
Program Director, Pediatric Radiology Fellowships
Radiology Department
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phone: 602.933.1222
Fax: 602.933.1264

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