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PCH/MMC Pediatric Residency is a comprehensive, fully accredited, three-year program. It combines experiences at a major multi-specialty children’s hospital (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) and a large public medical center (Maricopa Medical Center). These hospitals serve the city of Phoenix and the surrounding Metropolitan area with a current population of approximately 5 million. Set in a multi-cultural location our residents are given the opportunity to work with Native American, Hispanic, and diverse refugee populations.

Children are transferred to our hospitals from all over Arizona. The patient referral base provides our residents with an abundance of clinical experiences. Representing all areas of general and subspecialty pediatrics, the faculty is highly trained committed and very accessible to the house staff. There is a strong emphasis on teaching among both faculty and residents, with camaraderie and a pervasive team spirit throughout the program.

A personal tour of our facilities is welcomed. Residents at all levels of training, as well as faculty, are available to share information about our training programs.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a state of the art tertiary care standalone children’s hospital. As Arizona’s first standalone children’s hospital it has long been a leader in providing quality care to both primary care patients and children with significant medical needs. Staff and faculty from all major pediatric surgical and medical subspecialties work at the hospital, and the hospital is a tertiary care center for the rest of Arizona. During residency significant exposure to subspecialty pediatrics will occur while at Phoenix Children's.

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Maricopa Medical Center

Maricopa Medical Center is the main inpatient and surgical site for a large, county-wide public health system. MMC primarily works with an underserved population and provides excellent exposure to primary care pediatrics. Within MMC is the Arizona Children’s Center, a combination of inpatient, emergency and outpatient settings which focuses on providing high impact and high quality care for some of Arizona’s most vulnerable populations. With newly a newly renovated ED, outpatient clinic, and inpatient floor residents work closely with long term faculty heavily invested in education.


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