A Day in the Life


by Hayley Baines, MD

Oh the early mornings where you balance the priorities of extra sleep with the need to caffeinate, and seeing patients in time for rounds. Team check out is at 6 a.m., I typically arrive a little before 6 a.m. to start gathering pertinent numbers and catch up on overnight events. I always print out my own sign out to jot down important information that becomes my second brain.

Then it’s off to see patients, check on labs, talk with nurses, and run the list with your senior resident so you are ready for rounds. If you didn't get a chance beforehand, grab breakfast and coffee before rounds. Rounds will be much more fun with a full stomach and caffeine in your system.

Time to start rounds! PCH strives for family centered rounds. The goal of this is to have residents, attendings, specialists, ancillary staff, and most importantly, the family and their patient to be on the same page. Your goal is to get as much work done during rounds as you can, helping put in orders for patients your co-intern is presenting, formulating a plan of care, and trying to soak up as much of the endless bombardment of clinical pearls and useful tidbits that you can. Prioritize preparing discharges and calling your specialists. Then off to noon conference!

The afternoons typically involve admissions, following up consult recommendations, checking up on test results, and updating families. And hey, there will probably be time for even more teaching! You will usually check-out and go home around 6pm. Yes, you will be extremely busy on wards, BUT before you know it, you will become extremely proficient, efficient, confident, and seamless at being a strong, effective intern. Only don’t be surprised if now the time has come for you to be a senior resident!

Overall the day goes by fast and residency will go by even faster. I feel lucky to be part of program where I challenged and grow every day into the pediatrician that I've always wanted to be!

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