Asthma in Children Index

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1 in 3 Teen Boys Sexually Assaulted Tries Suicide, Study Finds

1 in 6 Female College Freshmen Raped While Incapacitated: Study

14 Percent of Toddlers May Be Drinking Coffee

A Little Fat, Sugar OK for Kids If Diet Is Healthy: Study

Abused Kids Not Destined to Be Abusive Parents, Study Finds

Acetaminophen Tops List of Accidental Infant Poisonings

ADHD Children May Gain More From Family-Centered Care

ADHD Diagnoses Rising Among U.S. Kids, Study Finds

ADHD May Hamper Social Relationships Early in Life

ADHD May Have Different Effects on Brains of Boys and Girls

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

ADHD Medications Linked to Sleep Problems in Kids

ADHD Meds May Raise Risk for Psychotic Side Effects in Some Kids: Study

Adopted Kids' Average IQ Higher Than Non-Adopted Siblings: Study

Adult Obesity Still Growing in U.S., Youth Rates Hold Steady: CDC

Adult Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumors May Have Lingering Troubles: Study

Agricultural Pesticides May Affect Kids' Breathing

Alcohol Ads Should Be a No-See on TV for Kids

American Kids Growing Fatter Than Their Canadian Cousins

Another Study Finds No Vaccine-Autism Link

Antibiotics Might Cause Weight Gain in Kids

Antibiotics Myths Still Common Among Parents

Antibiotics Often Enough for Kids' Appendicitis

Apples Are American Kids' Favorite Fruit

Arsenic Exposure in Womb Linked to Respiratory Risks in Babies

Arsenic in Well Water Can Raise Level in Baby Formula: Study

Asbestos Found in Kids' Crayons, Toy Kits: Report

Assessing Health Issues of Child Refugees

Asthma Rates Similar Among Black Children in Urban, Rural Areas: Study

Autism May Differ in Brains of Boys and Girls

Avoid Medication Overdoses in Children

Baby Swings, Car Seats Not Safe for Sleeping

Back-to-School Tips for Healthy Teeth

Ban Crib Bumpers Because of Rising Deaths, Researchers Say

Ban Flavoring, Ads for E-Cigarettes, Doctors' Group Says

Banning Soccer 'Headers' Won't Solve Concussion Problem: Study

Behind Many High-Achieving Children...

Benefits of Iron Supplements Unclear for Pregnant Women, Young Children

Bike Helmets Protect Against Severe Brain Injury, Study Says

Black Children May Fare Worse With Crohn's Disease

Bodily Changes Don't Always Signal 'Precocious' Puberty in Kids

Boozing in Movies May Boost Teen Drinking

Boys Victims of Dating Violence, Too

Brain Differences Seen in Teenage Heavy Drinkers

Brain Scans Show Why Reading to Kids Is Good for Them

Breast-Feeding May Pass Common Chemical to Baby, Study Shows

Breath-Holding Games Are Killing Swimmers, CDC Warns

Bullied as a Kid, Obese as a Grown-up?

Bullied Teens at Risk for Later Depression, Study Finds

Bullied Teens Face Roadblocks to Mental Health Services

Bullies May Face Higher Odds of Eating Disorders: Study

Bullying Can Leave Lasting Mental Scars

Bullying May Take Bigger Toll Than Child Abuse, Neglect

Bystander CPR Helps Some Kids Survive Cardiac Arrest

California Vaccine Refusers Cluster in Rich, White Areas

Can Eye Screening for Diabetic Kids Be Delayed a Bit?

Can More Outside Time Help Kids' Eyesight?

Canadian Teens Trying E-Cigarettes as Often as Cigarettes: Study

Candy-Flavored E-Cigarette Ads Appeal to Young: Study

Cat, Dust Mite Allergies Linked to Childhood Asthma

CDC: 1 in 10 Children Diagnosed With ADHD

Certain Antibiotic Might Combat Children's Wheezing Episodes

Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Excess Weight in Kids

Child Abuse at Daycare, Youth Groups Rarer Than Thought: Survey

Child Asthma Rates Leveling Off, Except Among Poor and Older Kids: Study

Child Safety Seats Often Incompatible With Cars: Study

Child Sex Trafficking Victims Easily Missed by Doctors, Social Workers: Study

Childhood Abuse Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Later in Life

Childhood Abuse, Neglect Linked to High Blood Pressure in Adulthood

Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors May Have Memory Troubles

Childhood Cancer Devastates Family Finances, Too

Childhood Cancer Survivors May Suffer Physically, Mentally Decades Later

Childhood Cancer Survivors Who've Had One Stroke at Risk of Second

Childhood Cancer Tied to Raised Risk for Other Ills in Adult Life

Childhood Cancer Treatment May Raise Adult Heart Disease Risk

Childhood Trauma May Boost Heart Disease Risk for a Lifetime

Childhood Trauma Tied to Migraine Risk as Adult

Childhood Vaccines Debate Rekindled at GOP Presidential Debate

Children in Foster Homes Need Better Health Care

Children with Autism Respond Differently to Smells: Study

Child's Popularity May Rely on Understanding Others

Clubs, Adult Support Can Help Kids Stay Slim

Colds, Flu Up Odds for Stroke in Kids, Though Risk Is Low: Study

Concussion May Hurt School Performance for a While

Consumer Reports Takes Liquid Detergent Pods Off 'Recommended' List

Controlled Exposure to Peanuts at Early Age Shows Promise as Allergy Treatment

Could a Dishwasher Raise Your Child's Allergy, Asthma Risk?

Could an Obese Dad's Sperm Pass Traits to His Kids?

Could Antibiotics Raise a Child's Risk for Juvenile Arthritis?

Could High-Dose Insulin Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Kids?

Could Household Bleach Raise Kids' Risk for Flu, Other Infections?

Could IVF Raise Children's Odds for Blood Cancer?

Could Your Child Have Migraines?

Crohn's Disease Treatments for Kids May Not Get Gut Back to Normal

CT Scan Use in Kids Fell Over Past Decade

Curbing School Bus Pollution Might Reduce Absences

Cutting Sugar From Diet Boosts Kids' Health Immediately: Study

Cutting-Edge Gene Tests May Improve Management of Autism

Cyberbullying Less Stressful Than In-Person Bullying, Study Claims

Cystic Fibrosis Drug Seems OK for Preschoolers: Study

Dad's Involvement With Autistic Child Helps Mom, Too

Decrease in Air Pollution Tied to Healthier Lungs in Children

Delayed Clamping of Umbilical Cord May Be Better for Preemies

Dentists Offer Tips to Keep Young Children Cavity-Free

Depression During Pregnancy Linked to Child's Asthma Risk

Dermatologist Offers Advice on Treating Kids' Hives

Despite Pockets of Resistance, Most U.S. Kids Getting Vaccinated

Dietary Supplements Land Thousands in the ER Each Year

Disaster Aftereffects May Linger for Children

Disaster Plans Must Consider Children, Pediatrics Group Says

Divorce May Increase Psychosomatic Symptoms in Teens: Study

Divorce May Mean Kids Down More Soft Drinks

Doctor Offers Back-to-School Health Tips

Doctors Key to Stopping Child Hunger

Doctors Perform First Double Hand Transplant in a Child

Doctors Save Life of U.S. Child With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Doctors Worry About Return of Vaccine-Preventable Ills in Kids

Dogs in the Home May Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma

Dogs May Ease a Child's Fears

Don't Delay School for Summer-Born or Premature Kids: Study

Don't Let Backpacks Lead to Back Injury

Drug Overdose Rates Soaring Among U.S. Youth

Dyslexia Unrelated to Vision Problems: Study

Easter Doesn't Have to Be a Diet Disaster

Ebola May Hit Young Children Hardest, Study Finds

Ebola Outbreak Disrupted Routine Medical Care in West Africa

E-Cigarette Use in College Tied to Other Risky Behaviors

E-Cigarette Use Triples Among U.S. Teens in 1 Year

E-Cigarettes May Pose a Risk in Pregnancy and to Children

E-Cigs Tied to Drinking, Other Risky Teen Behaviors

Eczema Cream for Children Not a Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Enterovirus D68 No Deadlier for Kids Than the Common Cold: Study

ER Physician Raises Concerns About Powdered Caffeine

Even Short Bouts of Activity May Help Kids' Health

Excess Weight Early in Life Linked to Colon Cancer Risk in Women

Excess Weight Linked to Blood Clot Risk in Kids

Excessive Sports Training Hurts Kids, Expert Warns

Exercise Boosts Obese Kids' Heart Health

Exercise May Help Kids With Multiple Sclerosis

Expectant Mothers' Lifestyle May Influence Child's Later Weight

Expert Offers Car Seat Safety Tips

Expert Offers School Bus Safety Tips

Expert Tips for Preventing Kids' Sports Injuries

Experts Pan Gene Testing of Budding Athletes

Exposing Babies to Peanuts May Help Curb Allergy Risk

Extracurricular Sports May Give Kids' Academics a Boost

Falls Are Leading Cause of Childhood Injuries, Expert Says

Family Stress Linked to Teen Obesity in Study

Family Struggles May Affect Boys' Brain Development

Faster, Taller Youth League Pitchers May Face Greater Risk of Injury

Fewer Childhood Cancer Survivors Dying From 'Late' Effects

Fewer U.S. Children Getting Melanoma: Study

Fewer Young Men Fathering Children Outside of Marriage: CDC

Fidgeting May Help Children With ADHD to Focus

Fireworks Can Spark Bump in Air Pollution, Study Finds

First Year of Life Poses Highest Risk for Child Abuse: Study

Flavored Booze Beverages Tied to Higher Injury Risk in Teens

Flu Sending Record Numbers of Elderly to the Hospital: CDC

Focus on Healthy Backs for Back-to-School

Following Water Safety Rules Saves Lives, Red Cross Says

Free School Breakfasts Appear to Boost Kids' Grades

Freedom to Fidget Helps Kids With ADHD Learn: Study

Frequent School Changes Linked to Poorer Performance

Furry Friends May Be Stress Relievers for Kids With Cancer

Gene May Play Part in How Kids Respond to Asthma Meds: Study

Genetics May Help Guide Kids' Cancer Treatment

'Green' Public Housing May Help Families Breathe Easier

'Green Space' at School May Help Kids Learn, Study Suggests

Gun Violence Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Study Finds

Halloween Can Be a Fright for Kids With Food Allergies

Head Injury Tied to Long-Term Attention Issues in Kids

Head Lice Now Resistant to Common Meds in 25 States

Headaches Are Common in Kids, Teens

Health Assistance to Developing Countries Up Since 1990: Study

Health Tip: Prevent Dog Bites

Health Tip: Balance Homework With Down Time

Health Tip: Be Safe Around Lawn Mowers

Health Tip: Before You Give Your Child Medicine

Health Tip: Check for Children in the Driveway

Health Tip: Checking Your Child's Toys for Lead

Health Tip: Child Obesity Affects Bones, Muscles and Joints

Health Tip: Child-Proof Your Home

Health Tip: Choose Healthier Fast Food for Kids

Health Tip: Choosing Shoes for Your Busy Toddler

Health Tip: Considering Cereal for Breakfast

Health Tip: Cutting Down on Kids' Screen Time

Health Tip: Dealing With a Disrespectful Child

Health Tip: Dealing With Bedtime Anxiety

Health Tip: Discourage Too Much Screen Time

Health Tip: Does Your Child Still Need a Sitter?

Health Tip: Don't Use Food as a Reward

Health Tip: Ease the Transition to a New School

Health Tip: Easing Your Child's Allergies

Health Tip: Encourage Kids to Stay Active

Health Tip: Fight Food-Related Peer Pressure

Health Tip: Finding Time for Exercise

Health Tip: Five Steps to Prevent Cavities in Kids

Health Tip: Flying With Children

Health Tip: Gear up for Sports

Health Tip: Get Involved at Your Child's School

Health Tip: Get Involved in Your Child's Internet Use

Health Tip: Getting Rid of Head Lice

Health Tip: Giving Toddlers Needed Playtime

Health Tip: Help College Kids Have Healthy Ambition

Health Tip: Help Keep Your Child From Smoking

Health Tip: Help Kids Enjoy Technology

Health Tip: Help Kids Prevent Stress

Health Tip: Help Kids Succeed at School

Health Tip: Help Prevent Baby's Spit-Up

Health Tip: Help Your Child Adjust to a Sibling

Health Tip: Help Your Child Kick a Bad Habit

Health Tip: Help Your Toddler Develop Needed Skills

Health Tip: Helping Your Teens Stay Safe

Health Tip: How to Stay Safe at an Amusement Park

Health Tip: If Your Child Chooses Unhealthy Foods

Health Tip: If Your Child Has Trouble Hearing

Health Tip: If Your Child Is Always Eating

Health Tip: Is Your Baby's Crib Safe?

Health Tip: Is Your Child Ready for a Booster Seat?

Health Tip: Keep Kids Active

Health Tip: Keep Kids Safe in the Bathroom

Health Tip: Keep Kids Safe Outdoors

Health Tip: Keep Kids' Sleep Schedules Consistent

Health Tip: Keep Your Child at a Healthy Weight

Health Tip: Keep Your Cool During Summer

Health Tip: Keeping a Preemie Safe in a Car Seat

Health Tip: Keeping Kids in Pain Comfortable

Health Tip: Know the Warning Signs of Choking in Children

Health Tip: Let Kids Dip Into Lunch

Health Tip: Let Kids Learn in the Kitchen

Health Tip: Measure Your Child's Height and Weight Correctly

Health Tip: Older Children Need a Bedtime Routine, Too

Health Tip: Plan for Children in an Emergency

Health Tip: Portion Your Child's Plate

Health Tip: Prepare Your Child for Reading

Health Tip: Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

Health Tip: Preparing Your Child for Camp

Health Tip: Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

Health Tip: Prevent Boating Accidents

Health Tip: Preventing Childhood Obesity

Health Tip: Promote Healthier Eating in Kids

Health Tip: Promote Healthy Habits During Meals

Health Tip: Promoting Independence in Children

Health Tip: Protect Baby's Teeth From Tooth Decay

Health Tip: Protect Kids' Hearing During the Holidays

Health Tip: Protect Your Child's Eyes

Health Tip: Recognize Signs of Bullying

Health Tip: Reducing Your Child's Risk of Lead Poisoning

Health Tip: Safety Suggestions for Teenage Babysitters

Health Tip: Selecting a Summer Camp

Health Tip: Serve up Better Halloween Treats

Health Tip: Set Regular Eating Times for the Family

Health Tip: Shopping for Teens' Shoes

Health Tip: Should I Worry About My Child's Weight?

Health Tip: Simplify Bedtime With the 4 B's

Health Tip: Skip the Salt in Your Child's Lunch

Health Tip: Stay Safe During Trick-or-Treating

Health Tip: Strengthen Your Child's Hands

Health Tip: Swimming Safely

Health Tip: Take Precautions With Your Holiday Tree

Health Tip: Take Seven Steps for Heart-Healthy Kids

Health Tip: Talk to Kids About Fire Safety

Health Tip: Talking to Kids About World Events

Health Tip: Talking to Your Child About Eating Disorders

Health Tip: Talking to Your Child About Safety

Health Tip: Teach Children About Dental Hygiene

Health Tip: Teach Children About Internet Safety

Health Tip: Teach Kids About Gratitude

Health Tip: Teach Kids to Protect Themselves

Health Tip: Teach Your 5-Year-Old About Safety

Health Tip: Teaching Kids to Wash Hands

Health Tip: Treating Your Child's Cold

Health Tip: Turning Kids on to a Healthy Lifestyle

Health Tip: Understanding Eye Injuries in Kids

Health Tip: Use a High Chair Safely

Health Tip: Use a Trampoline Safely

Health Tip: Watch for Playground Burns

Health Tip: Watch those Liquid Laundry Packets

Health Tip: Wear Baseball Gear

Health Tip: When a Child Has Sleep Apnea

Health Tip: When a Child Sucks the Thumb

Health Tip: When Is the Right Time for a Nap?

Health Tip: When Kids Walk to School

Health Tip: When to Call the Pediatrician About Tantrums

Health Tip: Your Child's Bowel Function

Health Warning Labels Might Help Parents Skip the Soda Aisle

Healthier School Meals Offered Across U.S., Feds Find

Healthy Breakfast Is Essential for Kids

Healthy-Eating Tots Still Like Junk Food

Heavy Drinking Linked to Greater Risk for Alcohol-Related Cancers

Heed the Warning Signs of Teen Suicide, Experts Say

Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep

Help Your Kids Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Helping Your Diabetic Child Have a Safe Halloween

Higher Altitude States Have Fewer Kids With ADHD, Study Finds

High-Tech Glasses Instead of Eye Patch for 'Lazy Eye'?

Hispanic, Poor Children May Have Greater Risk of Losing Eye to Cancer

Holiday Plants Can Pose Health Risks to Kids, Pets

Home Pesticide Use Tied to Child Cancer Risk

Homeless Youth More Likely to Visit Drop-In Center Than Shelter

Homemade 'Dewshine' Can Be Deadly

Hormone Linked to Social Difficulties With Autism, Early Study Finds

Hospital Care for Nonfatal Gun Wounds Costs $679 Million a Year

How Parents Add to Math Anxiety

How Parents Can Ease Transition to First Grade

How to Keep Your Baby's Slumber Safe

Illegal Hits Play Big Role in Youth Ice Hockey Concussions: Study

Improved Therapies Have Extended Life Spans of Childhood Cancer Survivors

Infant Weight Gain Linked to Possible Type 1 Diabetes Risk

Inhaled Measles Vaccine Falls Short of Injected Version in Study

Insulin Pumps Give Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Better Blood Sugar Control

Is It a Cold or an Allergy?

Is Measles' Return the 'New Normal'?

Just 1 Hour of Daily TV Boosts Kids' Obesity Risk, Study Suggests

Kanuma Approved for Rare Missing-Enzyme Disease

Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

Keep Safety in Mind When Skateboarding

Kids' Bad Diets May Mean Worse Health as Adults

Kids Can Get Migraines Too

Kids Drawn to 'Gateway' Flavored Tobacco Products, FDA Finds

Kids' ER Visits for Medicine Overdoses Dropping: Report

Kids Exposed to Lots of Alcohol Ads While Watching Sports on TV

Kids' Eye Injuries From Air, BB and Paintball Guns on the Rise

Kids' Hemophilia Drugs a Big Part of State Medicaid Spending

Kids in Foster Care Have Tripled Rates of ADHD, Study Finds

Kids Living in 'Stroke Belt' Not More Likely to Have Stroke: Study

Kids May Be More Likely to Exercise When Friends Do

Kids May Be More Likely to Get Asthma if Grandma Smoked While Pregnant: Study

Kids Meals, Toys and TV Ads Add Up to Frequent Fast Food: Study

Kids More Likely to Be Overweight If Mom Gains Too Much in Pregnancy or After

Kids With ADHD May Be More Likely to Have Accident in Traffic: Study

Kids With Mental Ills Often Treated Solely by Primary Care Doctors

Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Face Much Higher Hospitalization Rates

Kindergartners With Traumatic Life Experiences Struggle More in School

Know the Signs of Child Abuse

Letting Kids Sip Alcohol May 'Send Wrong Message'

LGBT Immigrants Often Faced Persecution in Homeland: Study

LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator Approved for Children

Light From Smartphones, Tablets May Lower Sleep Hormone in Kids

Like Mother, Like Child: Study Hints at Why Obesity May Run in Families

Liquid Nicotine From E-Cigs Poses Poison Danger to Kids

Local Anesthesia May Be Best for Infants During Surgery

Low Vaccination Rates Likely Behind Disney Measles Outbreak: Study

Lower Drinking Age May Bring More High School Dropouts

Majority of Americans Supports 'Smart' Guns, Survey Reveals

Make Toy Safety a Top Concern

Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise in Shielding African Children

Many Kids Tossing Fruits, Veggies in Trash Since New U.S. School Lunch Rules

Many Kids With Asthma Also Sensitive to Peanuts: Study

Many Obese Teens Don't Think They're Fat, Study Shows

Many Parents Blind to Their Child's Weight

Many Parents Overlook Booster Seat Safety

Many Parents Unaware of Dangers E-Cigarettes Pose to Little Kids: Survey

Many Parents Unaware of Emergency Plans at Kids' Pre-schools

Many Parents Who Smoke Expose Kids to Fumes at Home

Many Teens Knowingly Ride With Drunk Drivers, Survey Finds

Many Teens With Chronic Illnesses Use Alcohol, Pot

Many Young Football Players Get Concussions at Practice, Study Says

Marijuana Chemical May Help Prevent Epileptic Seizures in Kids, Young Adults

Marijuana Chemical Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy in Kids

Marijuana Study Counters 'Gateway' Theory

Measles May Weaken Immune System for Up to 3 Years, Study Contends

Measles Outbreak May Have Swayed Some Parents on Vaccines

Medical Groups Endorse Early Exposure to Peanut Products for High-Risk Infants

Melanoma Rates Way Up Among Young People in U.S.

Melatonin Might Help Sleepless Kids With Eczema, Study Finds

Mental Health Problems in Childhood Linked to Adult Woes

Mental Health Woes Common Among Homeless Kids, Study Finds

Mental Illness Afflicts Many Juveniles in Jail

Metformin May Not Help Obese Teens With Type 1 Diabetes

Milder Autism Typically Diagnosed Later in Girls

Military Deployment Tied to Greater Odds of Child Abuse, Neglect

Milliliter-Only Dosing Recommended for Kids' Meds

Minorities More Likely to Gain Weight in Childhood, Report Shows

Minority Kids Less Likely to Get Latest Type 1 Diabetes Care, Study Finds

Moldy Homes May Mean More Asthma in Young Kids

Moms' Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Tied to ADHD, Other Issues in Kids

Money Doesn't Buy 'Tweeners' Self-Esteem

More American Children Diagnosed With ADHD

More Americans Survive Childhood Cancers, But Health Problems Persist

More Cavities Seen in Kids of Chronically Stressed Mothers

More Children, Teens Enticed to Smoke With Flavored Tobacco: CDC

More Computer Time May Be Causing Nearsightedness in U.S. Kids

More Evidence That General Anesthesia May Affect Young Brains

More Evidence That Severe Poverty Harms Kids' Health

More Gluten Before Age 2 Linked to Celiac Disease in At-Risk Kids

More Parents See Benefits of Vaccines, Poll Finds

More Than 8 Percent of Kids With Cancer May Be Genetically Prone to the Disease

More U.S. Kids Getting Mental Health Treatment

More U.S. Kids Have Type 1 Diabetes, But Researchers Don't Know Why

More Young Children Exposed to Marijuana, Study Finds

Most Adults Don't Support Medical Marijuana for Kids, Poll Finds

Most Americans Back Ban on Powdered Alcohol, Poll Finds

Most Children With Migraines Don't Get Proven Treatments: Study

Most First-Time Moms Plan to Follow Vaccine Schedule

Most Preschoolers Use Tablets, Smartphones Daily

Mow With Safety in Mind

Nasal Balloon Can Treat Youngsters for 'Glue Ear'

New Gene Test Speeds Diagnosis of Stomach Bug That Strikes Kids

New Guidelines Call for Kids, Health Care Workers to Get Flu Shots

New Guidelines Focus on Pulmonary Hypertension in Kids

New Research Tightens Childhood Paralysis-Enterovirus D68 Link

New School Lunch Program Lets Kids Select More Nutritious Meals

Newer Treatment May Be Easier on Children With Brain Tumors

Noise From Fireworks Threatens Young Ears

Not Interested in School? Maybe They're Born That Way

Obese Kids a Universal Target for Bullies

Obesity Before Pregnancy Tied to Raised Risk of Newborn Death

Old Electronics Potential Source of Lead Exposure in Kids

One in Five Pediatricians Drops Families Who Refuse Vaccines: Survey

One-Third of U.S. Kids With ADHD Diagnosed Before Age 6: Report

Others' Drug, Alcohol Use May Trigger Bad Behavior in Teens

'Overwhelming' Evidence That Same-Sex Parenting Won't Harm Kids

Paintball, BB Guns Can Severely Injure Kids, Study Finds

Parental Debt May Affect Kids' Behavior

Parents Can Play Big Role in Thwarting Teen Fights: Study

Parents Can Take Steps to Help Make Homework Less Stressful

Parents of Kids With Diabetes Need to Plan for School Days

Parents of Young Stroke Victims at Risk for PTSD, Researchers Find

Parents Often Ill-Informed About Food-Allergy Emergencies

Parents Should Set Good Example to Keep Kids Slim, Pediatrics Group Says

Parents Split on Later School Start Time for Teens

Parents the Target of Deceptive Food Ads, Study Says

Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids

Pediatricians' Group Says U.S. Lacks Resources to Treat Kids in Disasters

Pediatricians' Group Urges Action on Climate Change

Pediatrics Group Advises Doctors on How to Spot Child Abuse

Pesticides Linked to ADHD, Study Says

Phone-Focused Parents a Danger to Their Kids at Playground

Planned Cesareans Tied to Slight Increase in Asthma Risk for Kids

Playing Contact Sports in Youth May Raise Risk for Degenerative Brain Disease

Pneumonia in Early Childhood Tied to Higher Odds of Asthma

Potential Treatment for a Serious Respiratory Infection in Kids

Poverty May Hinder Kids' Brain Development, Study Says

Prenatal Vitamin D Supplements May Not Lower Baby's Asthma Risk: Study

Preschoolers Can Learn Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

Preschoolers Get Too Little Physical Activity in Child Care

Preschoolers May Not Need Naps, Review Reports

Preteen Girls Worry About Breast Cancer If It's in the Family

Preventable Ills Cause Nearly 8 Million Childhood Deaths Globally

Prolonged Rescue Efforts May Not Help Young Drowning Victims: Study

Promacta Approval Expanded to Kids With Rare Blood Disorder

Proposed NYC Law May Trim 54 Calories From Kids' Fast Food Meals

Protective Eyewear in Girls' Field Hockey Means Fewer Injuries

Put Car Seat on Your Summer-Travel Checklist

Raise Smoking Age to 21, U.S. Pediatricians Urge

Rapid Response Guidelines May Improve Children's Stroke Care

Recess: An Essential Part of the School Day

Reminders From States May Boost Timely Vaccination Rates

Removing All Visible Cancer Is Key to Treating Aggressive Brain Tumors

Rise in Kidney Stones in Teens a Cause for Concern: Study

Routine Screening for Child Abuse Might Spot More Cases: Study

Rule Changes Might Lead to More Lung Transplants for Kids

Safe Tackling OK in Youth Football, Pediatricians' Group Says

Safety Precautions Help Prevent Summer Camp Injuries

Safety Tips Hot Off the Grill

Scarlet Fever Resurfacing in Some Parts of the World

School Coaches Often Ill-Equipped to Spot, Manage Concussions

School Dismissal a Dangerous Time for Kids Getting Hit By Cars

Schools Must Do More to Combat Obesity Among Hispanic Kids: Report

Schools Offering Drinking Water May Have Slightly Slimmer Students

School's Out, Fattening Behaviors Are In

Second Severe Allergic Reaction Isn't Uncommon

Secondhand Smoke May Double Risk of Hospitalization for Kids With Asthma

Secondhand Smoke May Put Kids at Risk for Heart Disease as Adults

Seniors Bear Brunt of This Flu Season

Settling the Back-to-School Jitters

Severely Obese Kids at Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes

Sexting, Internet Safety for Kids Big Concerns in Survey

Short Boys Three Times More Likely to Get Growth Hormone: Study

Short Legs May Explain Why Toddlers Teeter

Short Lunch Periods Leave Kids Eating Less, Study Finds

Should Tackling Be Banned From Youth Football?

Sickle Cell Drug Doesn't Relieve Pain Crises: Study

Sleep Apnea May Hurt Kids' Grades

Sleep Group Updates Shuteye Guidelines

Sleepwalking Parents Likely to Have Sleepwalking Kids

Slight Signs of Lingering Brain Damage Seen in Young Athletes After Concussion

Smoking Around Toddlers May Raise Their Obesity Risk

Smoking Common in Foreign Films, Study Finds

Some Sobering Stats on Kids and Drinking

Sports Medicine Docs Offer Safety Tips for Young Athletes

'Standing Desks' in Classrooms May Kickstart Kids' Activity

Start Healthy Eating Habits Early to Head Off Obesity in Kids

Start of School Year Calls for Vaccine Check

Stomach Bug Traced to Swimming in Contaminated Lake Water

Stronger Muscles = Healthier Bones in Kids

Study Challenges Theory That Birth Order Determines Personality

Study Finds Blood Test May Detect Concussion in Kids

Study Finds Poverty a Stronger Harbinger of Childhood Obesity Than Race

Study Links Early Infections to Celiac Risk

Study Links Sleep Troubles to Children's Mental Health

Study Questions Safety of Chemicals Used in Plastic Consumer Products

Study Ties Autism Risk to Prenatal Exposure to Asthma Drugs

Study Ties School Calendar to Asthma Flare-Ups

Suicide Rate Up Among Young Black Children in U.S.

Summer Beach Time Means Water Safety

Super Bowl Safety: Protect Kids From Toppling TVs

Superior Visual Ability Found Early in Children With Autism

Supermarkets Nearby May Help Kids Lose Some Weight: Study

Surgery May Help Teens With Frequent Migraines, Study Contends

Swallowing Pills? Children Can Learn How

Teasing Girls About Weight May Cause Lasting Harm

Teen Drinking, Smoking on the Decline, U.S. Study Finds

Teens Can Easily Buy E-Cigarettes Online

Teens' IQ Drop Can't Be Blamed Solely on Pot: Study

Teens Swayed by Alcohol Ads

Teens Who Tan Indoors May Be More Likely to Smoke, Drink, Use Drugs: Study

Teens, Parents Share E-Cigarette Concerns, Poll Finds

The Inside Dish on Barbecue Safety

Thinking About a Pool? Think About Safety

This Year's Flu Vaccine Should Be Better Match: CDC

Tiny Turtles Carry Salmonella Threat

Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

Tips to Make Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea Carries Risks for Some Kids: Study

Too Few Kids With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy Get Flu Shot: Study

Too Much Homework May Hurt Teens' Test Scores

Toppling TVs a Risk to Kids

Tougher Alcohol Laws for Adults May Also Lower Teen Drinking

Training Programs for Parents Tied to Better Behavior in Kids With Autism

Tricycle Accidents Send More Than 9,000 Tots to ER a Year: Study

Try Home Remedies for Child's Cough or Cold

'Tweeners' Who Think Pot Is Cool More Likely to Drink and Drive Later: Study

U.S. Boy's Death Highlights Rare Mosquito-Borne Infection

U.S. Hospitals May Often Miss Signs of Child Abuse

U.S. Hospitals Seeing More Kids With Self-Inflicted Injuries

U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Water Each Day

U.S. Task Force Stays Neutral on Cholesterol Screening for Kids

Unapproved Ear Drops Targeted by FDA

Underage Drinking Down in Past Decade

Unexpected Severe Allergic Reactions Strike Many Schools

Unituxin Approved for Deadly Pediatric Cancer

Vaccine Combo Shows Promise Against Common, Dangerous Infection

Vaccine for Deadly Respiratory Virus Shows Promise in Early Trial

Very Obese Kids May Face Higher Heart Risks Than Thought

Violent Video Games Don't Influence Kids' Behavior: Study

Viruses Increasingly Behind Child Pneumonia Cases

Vocabulary at 2 May Help Predict Kindergarten Success

Waning Whooping Cough Immunity Blamed in Outbreaks

Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan Left Hundreds of Children With Head Trauma

Weekend Childbirth Riskier, British Study Suggests

Weight Gain a Challenge for Children With Autism: Study

Weight, Exercise May Affect Children's Thinking Skills

What Parents Can Do to Promote Good Dental Health

What Works Best to Curb a Preschooler's Bad Behaviors?

What You Need to Know When Your Child Gets a Rash

When Anxiety Silences a Child

When Clock Springs Forward, Teen Brain May Fall Behind

When Do Kids Learn 'Fairness'? Culture May Matter, Study Finds

When It Comes to Singing, Practice Makes Perfect

When Restaurants Offer Healthy Kids' Fare, Children Eat It

When to Keep Kids Home From School

Whole Blood Best for Youngest Heart Surgery Patients: Study

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