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1 in 20 Pregnant Women Infected With Zika Have Babies With Birth Defects: CDC

1.6 Million Child-Bearing Women in Latin America Could Get Zika: Study

10 Minutes of Sweat a Day Helps Kids' Hearts

2nd Antibiotic Halves C-Section Infection Rate: Study

3 Drugs Identified to Potentially Fight Zika Virus

3 Steps to Lower a Woman's Risk of Premature Birth

3 Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Found in Florida

4 Out of 5 Kids With Epilepsy Have Other Health Problems: Study

6 Keys to a Safe, Allergy-Free Halloween

Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Up Risk of ADHD in Kids

Air Pollution May Raise Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Allergies Less Common in Kids Who Suck Thumb, Bite Nails

Almost 3 in 10 Women Get Pregnant Naturally After Fertility Treatments

Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika -- in Mice

Antidepressants During Pregnancy Safe for Baby: Study

Antipsychotic Meds Pose Little Danger to Fetus, Study Finds

Antiviral Flu Drugs Safe in Mid-to-Late Pregnancy: Study

Are Heartburn Meds During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Kids?

As Temps Rise, Risk of Pregnancy Complication May Too

Babies Born Addicted to Opioids Often Struggle With Learning

Babies' Fascination With Faces May Start in the Womb

Banishing Asthma-Inducing Mice Allergens on the Cheap

Banned PCB Chemicals Still Tied to Autism in U.S. Kids

Be Alert for PTSD After Pregnancy Loss

Birth Defects From Zika More Far-Reaching Than Thought

Birth Defects Strike 1 in 10 U.S. Pregnancies Affected by Zika

Birthing Pool Not the Place to Deliver, New Guidelines Say

Blood Test May Spot Babies at Risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Body Cooling Little Help to Kids When Heart Stops: Study

Breast-Feeding May Reduce Pain From C-Section

Can an Aspirin a Day Keep a Pregnancy Complication Away?

Can Mom's Vitamin E Head Off Child's Asthma Risk?

Can Pregnancy Harm Your Heart?

Can Pregnancy Problems Foretell Future Health Risks?

Can Stress Lower a Woman's Fertility?

Cases of Zika-Linked Birth Defects Dropped in Brazil in 2016

CDC Awards $2.4M to 5 Locales to Fight Zika

CDC Ends Zika Travel Advisory for Miami Neighborhood

CDC May Lift Zika Travel Advisory for Miami Neighborhood

CDC Updates Spending Plans to Combat Zika

CDC: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Southeast Asia Due to Zika

CDC's Frieden: We're Nearly Out of Money to Fight Zika

Century-Old Technique May Help Infertile Couples Conceive Without IVF

Certain Bacteria May Affect Preterm Birth Risk

Cesarean Birth Linked to Risk of Obesity in Childhood

Childhood Asthma May Encourage Obesity, Study Suggests

Children With Diabetes Can Have Bright Future

City Tax on Cars Cut Pollution, Kids' Asthma Risk

Common Vaccine Safe for Mother, Fetus

Congress Can't Agree on Additional Funding to Fight Zika

Coping With Sleep Loss During Pregnancy

Could Common Insecticides Be Tied to Behavior Issues in Kids?

Could Low Vitamin D Levels at Birth Mean Higher MS Risk?

Could Mom's Pre-Pregnancy Blood Pressure Predict Baby's Gender?

Could Smoking in Pregnancy Affect a Grandkid's Autism Risk?

Could Weight-Loss Surgery Boost Odds of Preemie Birth?

C-Section Raises Risk of Blood Clots After Childbirth: Review

C-Sections May Be Causing Evolutionary Changes

Curbing Excess Weight Gain in Pregnancy May Not Lower Risk for Complications

Cutting Down on Sweets Can Help Kids' Hearts

Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Some Recurrent Miscarriages

DEET Repellents Safe in Pregnancy to Prevent Zika, Researchers Say

Delivering Twins at 37 Weeks May Help Prevent Stillbirths

Deportation Fears Tied to Poor Birth Outcomes for Hispanics

Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Pose Harm to Baby

Do Weekend Deliveries Pose Risks for Moms?

Do Women Who Have Kids Later Live Longer?

Doctors Describe First U.S. Case of Locally Acquired Zika in Pregnancy

Does a Baby's Sex Affect Mom's Immunity During Pregnancy?

Don't Ban Anonymous Sperm Donations: Study

Don't Punish Pregnant Women for Opioid Use, Docs Say

Eating for Two Often Doesn't Translate Into a Healthier Diet

Epilepsy: Another Potential Zika Threat to Babies

Every Day in the Womb Boosts Babies' Brain Development: Study

Excess Pre-Pregnancy Weight May Slightly Raise Baby's Cerebral Palsy Risk

Exercise May Keep Diabetes in Check During Pregnancy

Exercise Typically Healthy During Pregnancy, Olympic Panel Says

Farm Kids Get Fewer Allergies, International Study Finds

FDA Issues Anesthesia Warning for Pregnant Women, Kids Under 3

FDA Offers Guidance on Fish Intake for Kids, Pregnant Women

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a Global Problem: Report

Fever During Pregnancy Tied to Autism in Study

Fewer Birth Defects for Older Moms Who Have Fertility Treatments

Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Cut Kids' Asthma Risk

Food Allergies Linked to Raised Risk of Asthma, Hay Fever

For Teens With Leukemia, Pregnancy Tests Often Neglected

Foster Kids Face Higher Risk of Health Problems: Study

Frozen Embryos May Boost Pregnancy Odds for Some Women

Funds to Fight Zika Nearly Exhausted: CDC

Gestational Diabetes a Risk Factor for Postpartum Depression: Study

Got the HPV Vaccine Before You Knew You Were Pregnant? Don't Worry

Half of U.S. Women Weigh Too Much Before Getting Pregnant

Having Baby Too Soon After Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risks

Headaches Often Strike Before Strokes in Kids: Study

Health Tip: Avoid Useless Calories During Pregnancy

Health Tip: Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy?

Health Tip: Choosing a Pregnancy Pillow

Health Tip: Getting an X-Ray During Pregnancy

Health Tip: Help Kids Maintain Healthy Cholesterol

Health Tip: Losing Hair After Pregnancy

Health Tip: Pregnant Women Need Omega-3 Fats

Health Tip: Preparing Your Baby for a Sibling

Health Tip: Sleeping When You're Pregnant

Health Tip: Ward Off Infections During Pregnancy

Heart Birth Defects Dropped After Folic Acid Was Added to Food

Heavy Drinking While Young May Mean Hefty Health Tab Later

Hey Fellas, Depression Can Strike Expectant and New Dads, Too

High Blood Pressure Might Affect Some Kids' Thinking Ability

Higher Pregnancy Weight Tied to Raised Odds for Birth Defects

Home Birth Safe for Some, But Not All, Women

How Pregnancy Can Trip You Up

If 1st Baby's Early, 2nd Will Be Too: Study

Increasing Numbers of Pregnant Women Also Have Heart Disease

Induced Labor Won't Raise Autism Risk in Kids, Research Suggests

Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing?

Is Summer Peak Time for Diabetes Tied to Pregnancy?

Just 10 Cigarettes During Pregnancy Can Harm Kids

Kids Born to Opioid-Addicted Moms Seem to Fare Poorly in School

Kids With Cardiac Arrest Less Likely to Survive CPR at Night

Kids With Mild Asthma Can Take Acetaminophen: Study

Less Labor Pain, Lower Postpartum Depression Risk?

Little Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Schizophrenia Risk in Kids: Study

Low-Income Kids More Likely to Have ADHD, Asthma

Makeup of Germs in Newborn's Gut May Triple Allergy, Asthma Risk

Male Birth Control in a Shot: Promising, But More Work Needed

Many Kids Still Eating Too Much Salt

Many Smartphone 'Fertility Apps' May Not Work

Many Students Reluctant to Use Asthma Inhalers at School

Many U.S. Women Have No Access to Fertility Clinics: Study

Miami's Zika Infections Up to 14: Officials

Mice May Be Key to Kids' Asthma Attacks at School

Migraine Warning Signs May Differ in Kids, Adults

Mildly Low Thyroid Function in Pregnancy Not a Threat: Study

Mom's Money Worries May Mean Smaller Baby

Moms' Rheumatoid Arthritis May Be Linked to Epilepsy Risk in Kids

Moms-to-Be Are Heeding Store Warnings About Alcohol

Mom-to-Be's Antidepressant Use May Be Tied to Speech Issues in Child

Monkey Study Shows How Zika May Harm Baby's Brain Development

More Evidence That Zika Causes Microcephaly

More 'Extreme Preemies' Are Surviving

More Folic Acid in Pregnancy May Protect Kids From High Blood Pressure

More Pregnant Women Getting Flu Shot, But Improvement Needed

More Than Half of Brazilian Women Avoid Pregnancy Due to Zika Fear

Most Women Stop Drinking After Positive Pregnancy Test, Study Finds

MRI Helps Assess Fetal Brain Abnormalities: Study

MRIs Safe During First Months of Pregnancy: Study

Nasal 'Nerve Block' May Help Ease Kids' Migraines

New Clues on How Zika Causes Brain Birth Defects

New Clues to Zika's Threat to Fetus, and How to Stop It

New Fetal Views in 3-D

New Guidelines Reaffirm Prenatal Folic Acid to Curb Birth Defects

New Moms Get No Iron Boost From Eating Placenta: Study

Newer Epilepsy Drugs May Be Safer During Pregnancy

Obese Couples May Take Longer to Conceive

Obesity in Early Pregnancy May Raise Child's Risk of Epilepsy

Obesity in Pregnancy Tied to Cerebral Palsy Risk in Kids

Obesity Quadruples Kids' Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study

Obstetric Complications Tied to Slightly Upped Risk for Autism

Odds for C-Section May Depend on Hospital

Online Calculator May Help Couples Predict Fertility Rx Success

Past Kidney Damage Linked to Pregnancy Problems

Pot Smoking Common Among Pregnant Teens: Survey

Pot Use in Pregnancy on the Upswing, Study Finds

Poverty Could Make Lupus Even Worse

Pregnancy Doesn't Raise Odds for Breast Cancer's Return

Pregnancy Flu Shot Protects Newborn for 8 Weeks: Study

Pregnancy May Boost Stroke Risk in Younger Women: Study

Pregnancy May Spur 'Mothering' Changes in a Woman's Brain

Pregnancy OK for Most Women With Congenital Heart Conditions: Report

Pregnancy Problems More Likely With Baby Boys, Study Suggests

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Too Much or Too Little Is Unhealthy

Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Poses Risks for Mom, Baby

Premature Calcium Deposits May Trigger Premature Births: Study

Premature or Early Menopause More Likely in Women Without Kids: Study

Prenatal Factors May Raise Child's Risk for OCD

Put Birth Control in Place Right After Childbirth

Quitting Smoking While Pregnant: What Works

Race May Play Role in Obese Teens' Blood Pressure

Repeat Teen Births Still a Problem in United States: CDC

Researchers Find Another Way Zika Can Harm Babies

Researchers Put Embryo Development 'On Hold' in Mice

Risk of Birth Defects 20 Times Higher for Zika Moms: CDC

Routine Testing for Genital Herpes of Little Benefit: U.S. Experts

Routine Tests Urged for Pregnancy Complication Preeclampsia

Rural Hospitals See Surge in Opioid-Dependent Babies

Scans Show Range of Zika-Linked Infant Brain Defects

Scientists Probe Zika's Devastating Effect on Pregnancy

Scientists Probe Zika's Path to the Fetus

Season of Conception May Affect Fetal Brain Growth

Self-Harm a Cause of Death During Pregnancy and for New Moms

Shooting Ranges Pose Hidden Risks: Study

Should Pregnant Women Always Be Treated for Underactive Thyroid?

Sleep Apnea May Boost Pregnancy Complications

Smoking in Pregnancy May Be Under-Reported

Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Kidney Damage in Kids

Some Antibiotics Linked to Miscarriage Risk

Some Lead Poisoning Tests May Be Faulty

Some Pregnant Women Still Travel to Zika-Affected Areas

Steep Rise in Births to U.S. Women Using Opioids

Stroke Risk Can Rise With Pregnancy-Linked High Blood Pressure

Strong Link Emerges Between Zika, Spikes in Temporary Paralysis Cases

Studies Question Link Between Mom's Antidepressant Use, Autism in Kids

Study Casts Doubt on Long-Used Morning Sickness Drug

Study Counters Link Between Excess Pregnancy Weight and Overweight Kids

Study IDs 2 Zika Virus Proteins Linked to Microcephaly

Study Questions Use of Migraine Meds in Kids, Teens

Study Shows How Zika Attacks Infant Brain

Study: Plenty of IV Fluids May Make Childbirth Safer, Easier

Task Force Calls for More Study Into Risks, Benefits of Kids' Cholesterol Screening

Tests to Spot 'Preemie' Birth Risk Ineffective in First Pregnancies

There's Fun and Fitness in the Pool for Asthmatic Kids

Timing Conception Might Help Reduce Zika Risk in Affected Areas

Tissue Testing Can Spot Zika at Birth: CDC

Too Much Iron Linked to Gestational Diabetes

Too Much Screen Time May Raise Kids' Diabetes Risk

Tourette Threat Surges for Babies When Mom Smokes in Pregnancy

Tracking Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Might Lower Heart Defect Risk for Baby

U.N. Tightens Safe Sex Guidelines for Visitors to Zika Zones

U.S. Army, French Drugmaker to Join Forces on Zika Vaccine

U.S. Health Care Costs From Birth Defects Total Almost $23 Billion a Year

U.S. Kids Don't Make the Grade on Heart Health

U.S. Maternal Death Rate Is Rising

U.S. Moms-to-Be Often Victims of Assault

U.S. Premature Births Rise for 1st Time in 8 Years

U.S. Sees Big Drop in Number of Babies Born With HIV

U.S. Teen Births Hit Another Record Low: CDC

U.S. Teen Births Hit Historic Low: CDC

Urine Samples May Yield Clues to Fetal Health

Vaccinating Pregnant Moms Protects Babies From Whooping Cough

Vitamin D Levels May Fall When Women Stop Taking Birth Control

Weight-Loss Surgery May Lower Risk of Pregnancy Complications

What Mom-to-Be Eats Determines Bugs in Baby's Gut: Study

Young Cancer Survivors Can Face Higher Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Young People With Epilepsy Struggle on Many Fronts

Zika Arrived in Florida at Least Four Different Ways

Zika Brain Damage May Occur in Babies With Normal-Sized Heads

Zika Can Harm Babies' Vision, Too

Zika Causes Widespread Damage to Fetal Brain

Zika May Persist for Months in Newborns, Study Shows

Zika Now Tied to Miscarriage

Zika Risk May Be Lower Than Thought for Some Pregnant Women

Zika Virus Can Damage Fetal Brain Late in Pregnancy: Study

Zika-Linked Birth Defects Surge in Colombia: CDC