Major Depression in Children
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Major Depression in Children

1 in 5 U.S. Kids Has a Mental Health Disorder: CDC

A Strong Marriage Can Shield Kids From Dad's Depression: Study

Adult Children of Substance Abusers More Prone to Depression

Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism

Antidepressants in Pregnancy Tied to Slight Risk of Lung Disorder in Babies

Bipolar Disorder Drug May Need Adjusting in Pregnancy, Study Finds

Bullying May Have Lasting Health Effects on Kids

Childhood Tummy Aches May Be Tied to Adult Anxiety, Depression

Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study

Could Longer Maternity Leave Prevent Postpartum Depression?

Day Care May Help Kids of Depressed Moms

Depressed Preschoolers Show Brain Changes, Scans Find

Depression During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Psychiatric Trouble in Kids

Even Football Heroes Can Be Laid Low by Depression

Genes May Boost Woman's Risk of Postpartum Depression

Health Tip: Don't Despair About Your Pregnant Body

Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say

Kids' Social Skills May Suffer When Mothers Drink During Pregnancy

Kids' Suicide Risk Similar for All Newer Antidepressants: Study

Kids With Head Injuries May Be Prone to Depression

Mental Illness to Blame for 10 Percent of Kids' Hospitalizations: Study

Mental Ills in Kids With Epilepsy May Depend on Seizure Location

Military Families May Need Help With Mental Health

More Evidence That Bullying Raises Kids' Suicide Risk

Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study

Parental Stress, Domestic Violence May Affect Kids' Development: Study

Postpartum Depression Risk May Rise for New Moms in Big Cities

Preschoolers' Use of Psychiatric Drugs Levels Off, Study Shows

Racism Takes a Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Research Shows

Smog, Stressed Mom May Raise Risk of Behavior Woes in Kids

Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys

Teen Boys Who Think They're Skinny May Be at Higher Risk for Depression

Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study

Therapy That Confronts Trauma of Sexual Abuse Helped Teen Girls With PTSD