Minor Injuries Overview

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Kindergartners With Traumatic Life Experiences Struggle More in School

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Many Parents Unaware of Emergency Plans at Kids' Pre-schools

Military Deployment Tied to Greater Odds of Child Abuse, Neglect

Miscarriage Misunderstood, Often Leaves Women With Guilt

Mow With Safety in Mind

Noise From Fireworks Threatens Young Ears

Paintball, BB Guns Can Severely Injure Kids, Study Finds

Parents Often Ill-Informed About Food-Allergy Emergencies

Pediatricians' Group Says U.S. Lacks Resources to Treat Kids in Disasters

Pediatrics Group Advises Doctors on How to Spot Child Abuse

Prolonged Rescue Efforts May Not Help Young Drowning Victims: Study

Protective Eyewear in Girls' Field Hockey Means Fewer Injuries

Routine Screening for Child Abuse Might Spot More Cases: Study

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