Volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Community Volunteer FAQs


My department at work would like to do something for the hospital. Can we plan an event with Phoenix Children’s?  Who do we talk to? 

Groups can apply to host a special event in The Child Life Zone. Groups can also help the patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital through our community events. You are encouraged to visit our community volunteer pages to learn more.

Unfortunately, due to infection control and confidentiality guidelines only in-hospital volunteers may come into contact with the patients here in the hospital. If you or any members of your group would like to become an in-hospital volunteer please visit those pages on the website to learn more.

I have a group that would like to come in and read, play games, and visit with the patients.  Is that ok?

Please see the answer to the previous question.

What hours are required of me to be a Community volunteer?

Your only commitment as a community volunteer is being there to help with the event you signed up for. There are no long term commitments, interviews or training required prior to volunteering at an event.

Does everyone in our group have to be signed up as a Community Volunteer in the database?

No, if you have a point person in your group that is registered in the database that is sufficient. The person in your group that is registered can share information with you about the event, and register for the event as a group.

I could not find a calendar of your community events. How do I learn about upcoming events?

A calendar of community events is not posted on the website. You can register to receive information on upcoming events.

Can I be a Community volunteer and also be a volunteer in the hospital?

Yes!  You can do both. You can register to receive information about upcoming community events. To begin the process to become a volunteer in the hospital, please review details on the in-hospital volunteer pages.

Is there an age minimum to be a Community volunteer?

Some events may have age restrictions. Usually it will be a fundraising event that includes alcohol, and volunteers that are minors would be excluded. If there is an age restriction it is usually included with the information about the event. If you have a question regarding age limits for a particular event please contact the Community Volunteer coordinator.

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