Volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital

In-Hospital Volunteer FAQs


How do I apply?

If you want to be a volunteer in the hospital your first step is to attend a Volunteer Info Session. You can attend a session at the hospital or online.  The application for being a volunteer in the hospital is provided at this session. Check out the calendar and find a session that fits your schedule.

Community volunteers do not need to apply. Register to receive emails about upcoming events. Sign up to volunteer as your schedule allows!

Are you looking for volunteers now?

There are always volunteer positions available in the hospital. Attend the Volunteer Info Session and learn about which programs currently need the most help. We are not able to answer this question on the telephone because it requires a review.

We are also always looking for volunteers to help with Community events that benefit Phoenix Children’s. You can register to receive information today.

I tried to register for a Volunteer Info Session but I got a message the session is full. Is there any way I can still attend?

Often times, a few people who have registered are unable to attend.  If you would like to come to the hospital for the session, staff leading the session can let you know if seats indeed are available.

I’m not 16 years old yet. Can I still volunteer?

We do require that you be at least sixteen years old to be a volunteer in the hospital year round.  The Summer Volunteer Program is designed for students ages 13 to college senior to learn more about what it’s like to work in a hospital environment.  Visit the Summer Volunteer Program pages for details.

Many community volunteer events allow teens to participate.  You can register to receive information about upcoming events.

I have never worked in a hospital. Is that OK?

Yes, we provide training to familiarize you with a pediatric hospital environment.

I’m a winter visitor. Can I volunteer in just the winter months?

Participating in our community events is a perfect way to help the children and the hospital for part-time residents.  Your only commitment is the event you register for.  There are no interviews or health or training requirements.  Visit our Community Volunteer pages to learn more.

Volunteering in the hospital requires training and a commitment to a same-time, same-day schedule of 3 to 4 hours per week for a minimum of about six to eight months.  Therefore, community events are the best way to participate if you are only visiting the area for a few months.

What is the dress code?

Briefly, business-casual attire, no shorts or open-toed shoes. No artificial nails or visible tattoos. Reviewing the dress code is part of the training and you will receive more details at that time.

Are uniforms provided?

Yes, Volunteer aprons are provided. A $10 donation is welcome.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Volunteers at Phoenix Children’s are assigned individually to areas for their service. You can certainly attend the Volunteer Info Session together, do your training together, and maybe even carpool if you’re assigned at the same time!  It may be difficult to assign you to the same day and time but you’re welcome to discuss it at the interview if you’re selected.

Community events are different. Often we have friends and groups that participate together.  Some groups participate in the events as a team-building activity. You can register to receive information about upcoming events.

I don’t know what immunizations I had. What do I do?

If you were born after 1/1/1957, you are required to show immunity to measles, mumps, German measles and chicken pox. Try your best to find your immunization records, or physician records that document you had those illnesses.  Without them you will need a blood test, at your expense, to see if you are immune.  This is called showing proof of “titers.”  If the bloodwork shows you are not immune, you will need to get the vaccinations at your physician’s office and provide proof to our Occupational Health Office to be cleared to volunteer.

If I just had a Tuberculosis (TB) test, can I use that?

Phoenix Children’s Occupational Health will accept TB test results from within the last twelve months. A second TB test would be conducted at the time of your appointment.

Do I have to pay for parking? The uniform?

You do not have to pay for parking. To attend the Volunteer Info Session you can park in the Cambridge Visitor Parking Lot on Cambridge Avenue, at no charge.  You will be instructed where to park for your training visits and when you become a volunteer – all at no charge.

There is a suggested $10 donation for your uniform, and it can be collected at the time you get your uniform.

What are the different volunteer programs that are available?

Please visit the volunteer pages on this website. You will find lots of information on the types of programs available to you.  Also, you will learn more when you attend the Volunteer Info Session.

I really only want to hold and rock babies. Is there a program like that?

Phoenix Children’s has patients of all ages in all of our care areas.  Many volunteer positions include patient contact either in groups or one on one.  We have limited opportunities for experienced Phoenix Children’s volunteers in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU.)

I/we would like to come in and read, play games, and visit with the patients.  Is that ok?

Unfortunately, due to infection control and confidentiality guidelines only in-hospital volunteers may come into contact with the patients here in the hospital.  If you or any members of your group would like to become an in-hospital volunteer please visit those pages on the website to learn more.

Groups can also help the patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital through our community events.  You are encouraged to visit our community volunteer pages to learn more.  Groups may also apply to host a special event in The Child Life Zone

My schedule seems to change regularly. Can I change my shift schedule?

Volunteers are assigned to shifts the same day and time of day each week. Changes can be made periodically (i.e.  you had a job change or a change in your school schedule) However, frequent and/or weekly changes are not available.

Is there a time limit to complete my minimum 100 hours of service?

Volunteers are asked to share at least 100 hours of service per year.  That is a minimum and most volunteers continue their service reaching milestones of 500, 1000…5000 hours or more!

Can I volunteer more than once a week?  In more than one place?

When a volunteer first starts their service, we typically assign them to one shift. Additional shifts can be added as you get comfortable around the hospital.

Can I take vacations or do I have to complete 100 hours in a row?

Volunteers take vacations just like staff! You would inform your immediate supervisor of any time away, much like at your job.

How long after attending the Volunteer Info Session do I have to apply to become a volunteer?

You have up to one year to apply after attending an Information Session.  If more than a year has passed, you are required to attend another Information Session to get the most up to date application and program information.

How soon can I start?

From the date you’re interviewed and placed, the average time to complete all training, the tour and health screen appointments is about four weeks. Trainings are offered weekly so it’s possible, if your schedule allows, to shorten that time!

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