Volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Summer Volunteer Program FAQs


When does the information about the Summer Program become available?

We try to have information posted about the Summer Intensive Volunteer Program no later than late January each year.

How do I apply?

Your first step will be to attend a Volunteer Information Session, specific to the Summer Intensive Volunteer Program. Watch for information on the Summer Volunteer Program page in January.

What is the youngest age you will accept?

The Summer program is for students that are eighteen (by June 1st) through college senior.  

Is there anything available for teens under age eighteen?

Teens 13-15 have the opportunity to participate in one of two four hour project sessions that are scheduled during the Summer. The projects are designed to be fun and educational. Information about the Project Days is posted on the website in the Spring. Teens 16 and older are always eligible for the Phoenix Children's In-Hospital volunteer program year round. You can learn more here.

How long is the summer program?

The program is eight weeks and begins in June.  

Is the commitment the same as the regular in-hospital program?

Yes… and no. The orientation process and training are similar but done on a predetermined schedule. Application deadlines, interviews, health testing etc. are all done throughout the Spring on a set schedule. Participants volunteer three shifts per week, for two to four hours per shift during their program. 

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