Why a Children’s Hospital?


Children have a unique set of needs when it comes to health care, much different from adults. That’s why there’s a special branch of medicine dedicated to preserving the health of infants, children, adolescents and young adults called pediatrics.

Only a children's hospital can ensure that every staff member is trained in and focused on pediatric care so they understand children and are compassionate towards their needs. They are trained to recognize and alleviate pain in patients too young to verbalize their discomfort. A children’s hospital is kid-approved, providing a unique environment with bright colors, special artwork and recreation spaces for kids of all ages.

The team at Phoenix Children's Hospital works hard every day to preserve that child-friendly environment, but then goes further. We were the first pediatric center in the country to establish a Children's Advisory Board (CAB). Since its creation in 1995, the CAB has been instrumental in bringing child’s-eye views to the hospital's procedures and facilities, contributing a multitude of suggestions that have consistently deepened Phoenix Children's understanding of what it means to be a hospital geared towards children. We have received a lot of good advice from our children over the years, such as:

  • ways to make procedures less painful
  • how to make treatment rooms look less scary
  • how to better respect their privacy

Beyond medical care, the Phoenix Children's staff is trained to care for the developmental, emotional and physical needs of children. Our nationally acclaimed Child Life Program uses specialists who ease children's fears using therapeutic play and other techniques. We coordinate special events and programs that encourage an environment where kids can be kids.​

Finally, every child's treatment is designed with their family's needs in mind. Our commitment to family-centered care means that parents can be nearby to comfort their child, whether it's during a test in the diagnostic lab or an overnight stay in their child's room. Treatment plans and doctor's visits are scheduled according to the child's and family's needs.

National studies have shown that pediatric-specific care – medical and emotional – leads to better outcomes in children. From the day Phoenix Children's Hospital opened, we have been dedicated to practicing this special brand of medicine, and to providing the best hope, healing and health care for our patients.

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