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April 14, 2020, Leeuwen, Kathy van, MD ,
Pregnant During a Pandemic: We Are Here for You


pregnant with mask on

Being pregnant and having a baby are some of the most joyous times in a family’s life. However, there is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in this time of COVID-19. Dr. Kathy van Leeuwen, director of the Phoenix Children’s Fetal Care Center, answers some important questions for families who are expecting in the near future.

Q: Are clinical services for families who are expecting a baby still available during this time of COVID-19?

A: Yes! All of Phoenix Children’s imaging and consultation services are still available. We communicate and coordinate your delivery plans to all the pertinent locations. Our team is excited for you and your baby to arrive!

Q: How have the services improved to help families maintain social distancing?

A: Phoenix Children’s team of experienced physicians across all fetal care subspecialties are seeing families by telemedicine video calls. In some cases, telehealth is superior to in-person consults which are typically one at a time and require multiple visits. Telemedicine keeps everyone informed and on the same page. We are excited to use technology to improve the health, safety, care and convenience for our patient families.

Q: Are there changes in the visitation policies during delivery?

A: Currently, our visitor policy allows one visitor at a time in the NICU, however, our Virtual Visit program features secure connection webcams on the cribs so you and family can see baby anytime. Our NICU nurses keep you fully informed and updated on the care of your baby.

Q: Are the baby’s providers completely up to date on how best to provide care?

A: Absolutely! Our expert neonatologists know all the latest information on what is safest for your baby. We make sure you know any and all changes with your baby’s health.

Q: Having a baby is stressful enough, let alone during this time of COVID-19. What kind of mental health services are available for families?

A: At Phoenix Children’s, we not only take exemplary care of babies but the entire family as well. Our coordinators provide peace of mind by arranging care and genuinely listening to your concerns. We also have providers who specialize in maternal mental health whom you can schedule a telemedicine video call with to reduce stress and fear. We are here for you.

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