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April is Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month and we have an amazing team of occupational therapists (OTs) at Phoenix Children’s.

We provide skilled rehabilitation services to children and young adults from ICU to outpatient rehab. Our team of passionate therapists work closely with your child’s medical team to provide the education, training and support he/she needs to participate in the parts of life you and they care about most.

Whether it’s your child’s daily self-care, how he/she gets from point A to point B, or how your child plays and builds relationships, we’ve got a strategy for them! If you need help finding the best way for your child to do what they love (or figure out what that is), we are here for you.

Here are a few of the key places you will find our Occupational Therapists at Phoenix Children’s:

  • Intensive Care Units: In Phoenix Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)-Strong Early Mobilization Program, our OTs work closely with your child’s critical care and rehabilitation teams to provide opportunities to get them up and get moving as soon as possible after an injury or illness. We’re also here for your child in the cardiac and neonatal intensive care units (ICUs), providing the gentle and specific support your child needs to thrive.
  • Acute Care: Whether your child is in the hospital for a major surgery, a new illness or a trial of an exciting new treatment from one of our many Centers of Excellence, our OTs come to you. Working directly with your child’s doctor, OTs make sure there’s access to as much safe independence, privacy and support for your child’s daily self-care and activities as possible.
  • Inpatient Rehab: If your child’s body is ready for an extra push before going home, our OTs, in collaboration with the entire Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Team on Phoenix Children’s CARF-accredited inpatient rehabilitation unit, will be there with the resources, technology and skills needed to make it happen!
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: Our outpatient OTs are here for you from east to west, across Phoenix Children’s valley locations. From multidisciplinary team specialty clinic evaluations designed specifically to service your child’s diagnosis/needs to intensive rehabilitation treatment, our outpatient OTs can help you child explore, identify and succeed in the parts of life most important to you.

We are privileged to do the job we do and look forward to caring for your child should they need us.

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