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Adult Ocular Oncology

Eye Cancer

To protect your eyes, vision and health, you want to catch cancer early when it’s most treatable. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, our fellowship-trained, board-certified ocular oncologists offer specialized care for adolescents and adults with all types of eye cancer. Our multispecialty team evaluates and treats benign tumors and cancers that originate in or spread to the eye.

Unique Care for Rare Cancers

Your eyes are intricate and complex organs that help you to do things you may take for granted, like sharing a smile, crossing a busy street or watching a sunset. Eye cancer is extremely rare, but if you have it, you need prompt attention and sophisticated, multispecialty care to protect your eyes, vision and health.

The adult ocular oncology program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is among few of its kind in the nation offering advanced care for all types of adult eye cancers.

Our doctors work across ophthalmology, oncology, radiation oncology, genetics and other specialties to treat a full range of eye cancers and related conditions, including:

Whatever your condition, you can count on exceptional care and advanced treatment options at Phoenix Children’s.

Symptoms of Eye Cancer  

If not treated early, eye cancers can become life-threatening. You can help prevent serious complications by living a healthy lifestyle, getting regular eye checkups and reporting any suspicious symptoms to an ophthalmologist without delay.

Eye cancer symptoms vary depending on the type and nature of the cancer. They can be as subtle as a small freckle on the colored iris, a red spot, or changes in the eye’s surface, shape or vision.

Early cancer doesn’t always have visible or obvious symptoms. The expert teams at Phoenix Children’s will evaluate your eyes, including close examination of interior and exterior cells, blood vessels, function and structures.

We will diagnose your condition and discuss effective treatment options for noncancerous or cancerous conditions.

Caring and Cooperative Partnerships

A diagnosis or suspicion of cancer is stressful for individuals and families – especially when it’s a rare or unfamiliar disease. If you have eye cancer, we offer effective therapies to help preserve your vision and eyes, while protecting your health and life.

We work closely with other cancer care leaders at Phoenix Children’s in addition to our regional and national cancer care partners. Our doctors and scientists keep up with the latest research and medical breakthroughs for the best possible outcomes.

Learn more about eye cancer and adult oncology programs and services available through Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

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