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Conditions We Treat

Center for Heart Care

Our pediatric cardiology team provides family-centered care for common, complex or rare heart conditions in children. These range from prenatal care to specialized care for teens as they transition from pediatric to adult heart care.

Whatever your child’s condition or care plan is, we’ll work closely with your child and family to help our young patients stay as healthy and active as possible.

Common Pediatric Heart Symptoms and Conditions

When it comes to a heart condition in your child, there’s nothing “routine” or “common” about it. We’ll walk you and your child through every stage – answering questions, sharing reassurance and offering a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it.

Heart symptoms and conditions we diagnose and treat in children include:

Complex Pediatric Heart Conditions

Our heart team also has the experience and understanding to care for children with complex heart conditions. We’ll work across medical specialties to deliver the treatment and support your child needs.

If your child has been diagnosed with or has symptoms of these or other heart conditions, you can contact us at 602-888-0788 or schedule an appointment online.

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