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John P. Breinholt, MD

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Phoenix Children's Cardiology
1919 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85016-7710

About John P. Breinholt, MD

Dr. Breinholt is a Utah native who completed his pediatric and pediatric cardiology training at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. He had a clinical and research focus on heart failure and transplantation during his fellowship, then completed advanced training in interventional cardiology at Texas Children's Hospital. Dr. Breinholt has dedicated his career to developing and performing minimally invasive procedures in children with congenital heart disease. He has a specific interest in the closure of ventricular septal defects (VSD) that are frequently closed with surgery, and has focused on the closure of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in premature babies as small as 2 pounds to help them progress through that fragile stage of life. He has spoken at national and international medical conferences on performing the PDA procedure, and is now developing a program at Phoenix Children's Hospital.Dr. Breinholt joined Phoenix Children's Hospital in 2019 as the Division Chief of Cardiology and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories. Dr. Breinholt speaks Spanish fluently, and actively participates in humanitarian efforts around the world, where he provides heart procedures to underserved children. His efforts have taken him from Uganda to Ukraine, the Philippines, and several countries in Central and South America.
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Education & Training

Medical School / Education

University of Utah School of Medicine


Baylor College of Medicine / Texas Children's Hospital


Baylor College of Medicine / Texas Children's Hospital

Academic Affiliations

Professor, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

Research & Publications

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