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Programs and Services

Limb Reconstruction and Lengthening Program

At Phoenix Children’s, we offer several programs and services to support children and families affected by limb deformity or limb length differences. These include local lodging, prenatal consultations, rehabilitation, 3D motion analysis and orthotic and prosthetic care.

Family-Focused Care

Your child’s care may require long hospital stays or frequent follow-up visits. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central and Northern Arizona offers two nearby Ronald McDonald House locations for the families who commute long distances for care. To be eligible to stay, you must live more than 30 miles from Phoenix Children’s. Connect with your social worker or call 602-933-0750 to discuss availability. For other housing accommodations please check our patient visitor section.

Prenatal Consultations

Limb deformities can often be seen on images taken during pregnancy. When this happens, the doctors at Phoenix Children’s Fetal Imaging Center can take a closer look prior to a baby’s birth. Through our prenatal imaging tests, we make early diagnoses and then work with parents during prenatal consultations to develop a treatment plan.

Orthotics and Prosthetics

Orthotics are any external device such as shoe inserts, braces or splints that help support or optimize the body’s function. Prosthetics are artificial devices that replace a missing body part.

In some cases, amputation and prosthetic reconstruction may provide the best function for a child’s extremity. Our orthotists and prosthetists work closely with the medical team to find solutions to optimize the function of the patient’s native anatomy or surgical reconstructions that have been performed. Through state-of-the-art technology, family centered and child focused care, we provide solutions that offer optimal cosmetic and functional outcomes.

Motion Analysis Lab

The Bubba Waston and PING Golf Motion Analysis Laboratory, also referred to as the “Gait Lab,” uses state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate motion, force and muscular activity. Our experts use this information to develop personalized care plans and measure improvement for our patients.

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