Medical Specialties



When your child needs medical treatment, you want the very best care. Our pediatric surgeons specialize in the surgical care of children. They are all pediatric board certified surgeons who focus on the special requirements of children. In addition, they work with pediatricians, pediatric specialists and a whole team to make sure your child gets the best care available. Our goal is to provide each child the opportunity for the best outcomes and to return to their regular activities.

Phoenix Children's Hospital's Surgical Programs

Heart Surgery

Heart Transplant

Interventional Radiology Surgery

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Liver Transplant Surgery


Plastic Surgery

Pediatric General Surgery

Spinal Surgery

Additional Surgery Programs with our Surgical Staff

Dental and Oral Surgery

OB/GYN Surgery

Ophthalmology Surgery

Otolaryngology Surgery

Pathology Surgery

Pectus Excavatum and Nuss Procedure

Reproductive Anomalies Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Learn how to Prepare for Surgery

General Information and Resources

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

Pre-surgery Tours

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