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COVID-19 Advisory: Visitor restrictions are in place for all Phoenix Children’s locations. Masks are required for all visitors and for patients ages 2+. For more information, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.

Programs & Services

Neuropsychology Program

We know a patient with cognitive or behavioral problems often requires the help and assurance only a trained professional can provide. Our patients include children, teens and young adults with disorders that impact thinking or behavior. Each patient is unique; some need inpatient support, while others find healing with outpatient treatment. We’ll make sure to find the solution that’s right for the whole family. 

Understanding the difference

School and clinical psychologists employ similar measures as neuropsychologists when evaluating behavior. However, school and clinical tests emphasize psychological processes, without explicitly referencing brain structures. That’s why the results from a neuropsychological evaluation can help pinpoint the best treatment for the patient and their family.

Getting everyone on board

A patient doesn’t live in a silo — their treatment shouldn’t be isolated either. We’ll connect directly with school personnel, physicians, rehabilitation professionals and others involved in a patient’s care to make sure everyone is working together on the path to healing. 

First appointment? No problem

If available, please bring the following information with you: 

  • Medical history form
  • Behavioral history form 
  • Any/all previous medical records 
  • School evaluation reports
  • Individualized Education Plans 
  • Therapy reports 
  • Genetic testing
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