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Each and every child who comes to our hospital is extraordinary.  And each one has a story.  We invite you to explore the stories of our amazing kids and their families.

Abbie's Story
Diabetes is scary. Especially if you're 9. Unless, of course, it's a ticket to summer camp.

Alex's Story 
Alex loves being your typical ten-year-old boy. But his life wasn't always this way. In fact, most of it wasn't.

Amber's Story 
Amber was last featured in a fall 2007 Arizona Republic front-page story on her struggle with cancer and a devastating infection that followed.

Ashley's Story  
Sinus infections were common for 12-year old Ashley. But while on vacation the summer of 2006, a mere sinus infection took a turn for the worse.

Bailey's Story
When Bailey Richardson's family was invited to take part in Phoenix Children's Hospital's Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, the girl's mom resisted at first.

Bela's Story  
Bela’s life was highly monitored even before she was born. Eighteen weeks into her mom's pregnancy, a routine ultrasound caused concern.

Ben's Story  
Putting fear and uncertainty aside, Ben focused on this small diversion to overcome the anxious energy as he prepared to pass through a large CT scanner.

Brady's Story  
Brady was born six weeks early and spent time in the NICU before he was able to go home.

Brandon's Story
There was no mistaking the crash. It came from the basement, followed by the frantic screams of 3-year-old Brandon Gray.

Brendan’s Story
When Brendan was born, doctors discovered a previously undiagnosed heart problem that would kill him if it was not repaired.

Brian's Story
Brian Bogert had told the story so many times, he was almost nonchalant about the whole thing.

Brittany's Story
Brittany Fasnacht's best friend was hit by a car while riding her bike recently. She wasn't wearing a safety helmet.

Brooklyn's Story  
Brooklyn was diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia before being born and required surgery the day he was born. Now he is an active 8-year-old who loves playing sports.

Carolyn's Story
At age 15, Carolyn had a simple blood draw that led to a surprising and painful discovery; she had half the amount of blood circulating in her body than the average person.

Cassie's Story
Cassie's parents were afraid they'd never see their daughter dance - or skip, or jump rope, or do all the other things little girls do while they're growing up.

Chevelle's Story
An EEG at 6-weeks showed that Chevelle was having constant seizures. But it wasn’t until after the MRI that the Onyett's realized the gravity of their granddaughter’s condition.

Claire's Story
At 5 weeks old, it appeared the Driggs family had a perfectly normal newborn. That is until one day Claire started having seizures.

Colleen's Story
Nobody at Centennial Middle School had ever had cancer.

Colten’s Story
Colten’s birth changed his mom’s perspective on life and created a tireless advocate for children with Down’s Syndrome.

Dillon C's Story
Chris Card knows what it is to live without hope.

Dillon S's Story
Marie Smith was careful. Whenever she and her 6-year-old son ventured out together in her Ford Explorer, she listened for the reassuring click of his seat belt before backing out of the driveway.

Douglas' Story
When Douglas Seifman was about six months old, he stopped growing.

Elaine's Story
Leaving a movie, the Speight family gets an instant replay.

Ellie’s Story
When Ellie was 10, she started having headaches.  At first, no one thought much of it, but then they got worse.

Elias' Story
Five days after the birth, Elias was scheduled for a well-health check up with his pediatrician. As soon as we arrived, immediately we knew there was a problem. Little did I know my son would need surgery for a rare disorder.

Eryn's Story 
From an ambulance down from Prescott Valley to Phoenix Children's, her grandmother took her 2 hours out of the way to the pediatric specialists that could help her get her blood sugar levels balanced again.

Ethan's Story
Two years had passed, but Ethan didn't appear to be nervous about returning to the familiar grounds of Roadrunner Elementary School. His mother, though, was worried about what other kids might say.

Hannah's Story
Nearly 800 miles from the hospital where her daughter was fighting for her life, Carolyn was trying hard to stay calm.

Harmony's Story
Harmony Brown was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) a week before her first birthday. 

Heavyn’s Story
While on vacation, Brenda received terrible news. Her dad was killed in an accident and her daughter was in an ICU hundreds of miles from home.

Ian's Story
The woman at Lori Wagner's door introduced herself as a case worker for Child Protective Services and demanded to see Lori's son, Ian, who was 2 at the time.

Jamie's Story
Michael Feldman remembers the warning he heard as a boy whenever he tried to wrestle with his cousin or involve her in active games.

Jesus' Story
Jesus Pereya was a healthy baby and toddler, so when he came down with what seemed like a respiratory illness, his family never imagined their little boy would be undergoing a heart transplant just six months later.

Josh's Story
Joshua was always the sick one.

Jordan and Joshua's Story 
You would never know it from their animated personalities but these twins were both diagnosed as babies with sickle cell disease.

Kade's Story
From 100 seizures a day to zero.

Katie's Story 
Katie is eight years old. She seems quiet at first, but it doesn't take long for her to open up.

Katy & Mickey's Story
Something was terribly wrong with 4-year-old Katy. Fever and nausea aside, this was more than a simple case of the flu.

Kaylea's Story
When she was 6, the unthinkable happened to Kaylea.

Keston's Story 
Before Keston was born, doctors found a blockage in his urethra.

Krystal's Story
An escape to the cool climate of Arizona's White Mountains seemed like a perfect Fourth-of-July activity.

Maddie’s Story
Maddie is a normal kid these days, but she got off to a rough start after being born 7 weeks premature.

Mary's Story 
Mary is your classic teenage girl – always on the go. But there was a time when Mary’s life wasn’t this carefree.

Makenzie's Story 
Just before Makenzie turned seven years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Megan's Story
Megan Foe named one of her dolls after her doctor at Phoenix Children's Hospital - then proceeded to deliver a vengeful poke to the doll's arm with a make-believe needle.

Maya's Story
Maya needed surgery before kindergarten for the best chance to walk and dance.


Natalee's Story 
Life as Natalee knew it came to a halt when a CT scan revealed two advanced, malignant brain tumors.

Nicollette's Story
It was a typical Monday afternoon for Donna Lee and her then 19 month old daughter Nicolette.

Paelyn’s Story
When she was only 2 months old, little Paelyn began having problems breathing.

Quad's Story
Marc Lindberg admits that he enjoys being a quadruplet.

Richard's Story
It was a bright October day when 13-year-old Richard Sanders hurried across the parking lot to the waiting car.

Riley's Story  
Riley was diagnosed with pectus excavatum, a condition where the sternum curves inward and can sometimes compress the heart and lungs, at birth.

Sammie's Story 
In many ways, Sammie is your typical teenager, wanting to push herself to the limit.

Sammy's Story
Susan Levy's second child entered the world at just 3 pounds, 11 ounces.

Sarah's Story
It started with headaches. Then 10-year-old Sarah Lemaster started complaining to her mother about stomach aches.

Sean's Story 
Sean was born 12 weeks premature, with major heart, lung, and intestinal abnormalities.

Seth and Nichole's Story 
Intent on leaving California, and looking for a fresh start in a new state, Nichole and her 12-year-old son Seth moved to Arizona in February 2013. However, the move proved to be more difficult than Nichole initially thought.

Simone's Story
At some point in time, most children will try the "silent treatment" on others.

Stephanie's Story
Stephanie Ray lives the motto she teaches to other children and families living with AIDS: "Think positive, stay negative."

Tom's Story
The volleyball sailed toward him, and though it was well within his reach, Tom MacKinney couldn't keep it in the air.

Toria's Story
Three-year-old Toria was having a bit of fun at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Tyler's Story  
Around 2 years old, Tyler started having aches and pains. After a checkup, his family learned that he had leukemia and needed to be rushed to the hospital!

Tyler T.'s Story  
Tyler was diagnosed with epilepsy and was suffering from multiple seizures.

Zander and Tabitha's Story 
Born 15 weeks early, the twins started life in the NICU.

Zeta's Story 
On the day the prenatal ultrasound showed the sex of their third child, the Brabham's also found out about some health concerns. There was trouble before she was even born.

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