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Pediatric Residency Program

Categorical Pediatric Program Curriculum

The teaching faculty is committed to providing quality educational experiences for the residents and medical students. Through conferences, morning reports, teaching rounds and journal clubs, the house staff are exposed to a variety of patient cases, teaching styles and teaching formats.

The residents play a primary role in the education of the medical students during their clerkship in pediatrics. The residency program provides formal instruction in teaching methods, so residents will have the tools needed to be effective teachers for students, physician groups, families and community organizations.

Curriculum By Year

First Year (two months are call free)  
Inpatient 4 months (3 mos PCH, 1 mo VH)
Outpatient (call free optional) 2 months (1 mo PCH, 1 mo VH)
Newborn ICU 2 months (Banner, MCC, or SJ)
Emergency Pediatrics 1 month (VH)
Well Baby Nursery 1 month (VH or SJ)
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics (call free optional) 1 month (PCH)
Subspecialty Rotation (Call Free) 1 month (PCH or VH)
Vacation 4 weeks
Second Year  
Inpatient Supervisor 2 months (1 mo PCH, 1 mo PCH or VH)
Inpatient Hematology/Oncology 1 month (PCH)
Outpatient Clinic 1.5 months (1 mo PCH, 0.5 mo VH or SJ)
Pediatric ICU 2 months (PCH)
Emergency Pediatrics 1 month (PCH)
Subspecialty Rotations (two months are Call Free) 2 months (PCH, VH or off-site)
Adolescent Medicine 1 month (PCH & VH)
Community Pediatrics 1 month (PCH)
Well Baby Nursery Supervisor 0.5 month (VH or SJ)
Vacation 4 weeks
Third Year  
Inpatient Supervisor 1-2 months (PCH)
Inpatient Supervisor or Inpatient Hematology/Oncology 1 month (PCH)
Specialized Individual Track Month 1 month (PCH)
Newborn ICU - Supervisor or Pediatric ICU 1-2 months (VH, Banner, or SJ)
Emergency Pediatrics 1-2 months (PCH or VH)
Subspecialty Rotations (2 months are Call Free) 4-5 months (PCH, VH, or off-site)
Vacation 4 weeks


Fourth Year Out of Training Chief Resident

Subspecialty Elective Experiences

Residents have seven rotations to choose a subspecialty experience beneficial for their career. Available options are as follows:

Allergy & Immunology Endocrinology Pathology
Anesthesiology ENT Pulmonology
Breastfeeding Medicine Gastroenterology Radiology
Cardiology Hematology & Oncology Research
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Hospice & Palliative Care Rheumatology
Child Abuse Infectious Disease Surgery
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Medical Genetics Sports Medicine
Chiracahua Community Health (Rural Health) Nephrology Toxicology
Cottonwood Community Clinic (Rural Health) Neurology Tuba City, Navajo Nation (Rural Health)
Dermatology Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Urgent Care
Early Childhood Care Independent Study Pain Management  
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