Quality & Safety at Phoenix Children's

Quality and Safety at Phoenix Children’s Hospital


When you’re choosing a doctor or hospital for your child, you want to make the right choice. All hospitals are not the same but it can be hard to tell which hospitals deliver the highest quality.

Many local and national organizations rate hospitals and their staff. We’ve gathered information on patient safety, quality outcomes, and certifications for you to do your own research and make the right choice for your child.

Understanding Hospital Quality: Adult Measures vs. Pediatric Standards

Most hospitals are rated on standards established for adult care because across the country there are far more adult hospitals than children’s hospitals.

Standards for pediatric care are often more rigorous. Sometimes there is no good comparison between adult hospitals and children’s hospitals. You can always ask your provider for their quality reports on the measures that are most important to you.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) - an independent, nonprofit organization - provides unbiased and authoritative advice to decision makers and the public on matters of health and medicine. The IOM asks and answers the nation's most pressing questions about health and health care.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Phoenix Children’s we are committed to providing the highest quality care – care that is safe and effective, with standards that change based on advances in pediatric medical research.

To achieve that, we’ve created a Quality Strategic Plan that keeps our entire organization focused on improving quality and safety for our patients. Throughout these pages, you’ll find the key elements of that plan and charts that measure how we are doing.

This commitment to continued improvement can be seen in our mission and vision:

Quality and Safety Mission Statement

We treat each child like our own, striving for the best quality, deepest compassion and most efficient care.

Quality and Safety Strategic Vision 2015

Phoenix Children’s will be recognized as among the leading children’s hospitals in the nation for providing the highest quality, safest and most efficient evidence-based health care for patients and families.

Statement of Quality Transparency

Phoenix Children’s Hospital maintains an organizational policy of transparency. We share information about the quality and safety of our care to help provide a clear picture of our performance. Whenever possible, we compare our results to top children’s hospitals in the country. When this is not possible, we set our own high standards. This keeps us focused on continual improvement and helps you make an informed choice about the best care for your child.

As one of our Surgeons-in-Chief always said, “We want to keep getting better at getting better.”

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