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Advances in Care


Advances in Care at Phoenix Children’s

3D Printing Improves Cancer Care

Medical professionals can create clear 3D images of a patient’s internal organs using CT and MRI scans at Phoenix Children’s 3D innovation lab. This allows tumors to be isolated and examined and provides unique data for treatment decisions. It can even make a handheld 3D image of a heart.

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Phoenix Children’s Hospital Translates Cancer Treatments Using 3D Printing

Pediatric Radiology Innovations at Phoenix Children’s: A Philips Customer Story

Premium Ultrasound Imaging Advances Care

Phoenix Children’s new EPIQ Elite premium ultrasound system, from Royal Philips, offers a range of advanced diagnostic ultrasound solutions. It delivers extraordinary image quality to assess fetal abnormalities and potential complications. It also allows clinicians to see directly into a vessel to assess vascular conditions.

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EPIQ Elite Premium Ultrasound System Improves Clinical Confidence

Imaging Technology News

Radiologists and Technologists Working Together

Technologists are experts in producing high-quality imaging results, and radiologists are experts in determining the type of imaging that’s best for each patient. Learn how these two specialists work together for the best patient outcomes.

Technology Innovations Improve Care

The radiology specialists at Phoenix Children’s are committed to delivering high-quality patient care. Our collaboration with Philips helps drive commitment with new research opportunities and innovations intended to address the specific needs of children.

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Philips and Phoenix Children’s Hospital: A Partnership of Innovation

Pediatric Radiology Innovations at Phoenix Children’s

IntelliSpace Portal 10 Provides 3D Anatomical Models

Phoenix Children’s collaboration with Royal Philips gives us state-of-the-art technologies such as Intellispace Portal 10, which has an embedded 3D modeling application. This feature provides a more accurate picture of anatomical details and helps doctors determine a tumor’s exact size and changes over time, which leads to better treatment choices. The IntelliSpace Portal 10 also provides surgeons with a 3D model to help plan surgeries.

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Philips Unveils IntelliSpace Portal 10 with New 3D Modeling Application

Imaging Technology News

Keeping Children Safe During Imaging

Radiation specialists understand that children are more sensitive to radiation than adults, since their organs and cells are growing. As part of our partnership with Royal Philips, Phoenix Children’s collaborated to design and test new protocols for imaging equipment that are child-sized and appropriate for a particular age group or organ. This ensures the highest-quality imaging with the lowest-possible dose of radiation.

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The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management

Pediatric Radiology Innovations at Phoenix Childrens: A Philips Customer Story


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