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Biospecimen Governance Committee

Research Institute

The Biospecimen Governance Committee is a faculty-led panel that oversees the biospecimen research program at Phoenix Children's. The committee seeks align with the Biorepository’s Co-Medical Directors and organizational leadership to further Phoenix Children's scientific mission by creating a nationally recognized, top tier pediatric biorepository, allowing Phoenix Children's to become a magnet for pediatric research due to excellence in quality, quantity and variety of pediatric samples.


The mission of the Phoenix Children's Biorepository Governance Committee is to advise and advocate for the creation of an infrastructure to receive, store and maintain the integrity of pediatric samples using state of the art technologies, and to oversee the judicious use of these samples for the advancement of pediatric research. Working collaboratively, the Committee will provide ongoing guidance that will allow:

  • A deeper understanding of clinical, technical, financial, ethical and regulatory entities and the connections between them, as they relate to the growth of the biorepository.
  • Identification of resources and relationships with organizations and individuals possessing strategic value, knowledge, and contacts needed to achieve the Committee vision.
  • The opportunity to serve as visible ambassadors for potential solutions/transformation of Phoenix Children's biorepository.

Committee Activities

  • Creating and implementing policies concerning the receipt and storage of donor samples and health information.
  • Regulating access to biospecimens for research purposes.
  • Reviewing and approval of all requests to receive available biospecimen samples for the biorepository, and for tissue distribution from the biorepository, for research purposes.
  • Analysis and resolution of competing biospecimen requests.
  • Development and implementation of a biospecimen research program strategic plan.
  • Advising the Senior Vice President/Chief Research Officer regarding strategic and tactical direction of the Phoenix Children's biospecimen research program.
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