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Get Your Athlete Back in the Game

Use On-Demand Booking

The health and safety of the young athletes in your care is an Athletic Trainers #1 priority, and Phoenix Children’s is here to support you in the event of a sports injury. 

We now offer the fast, convenient On-Demand Booking tool, which allows you to make an appointment with one of our many Sports Medicine experts in real time. The appointment date and time can be chosen to fit the schedule of the athlete and accompanying family member.

Book Now at: 

Three Simple Steps for Athletic Trainers
Step 1: Fill in your name, email address and/or phone number.
Step 2: Fill in the athlete’s information: name, date of birth, address and contact info. 
Step 3: Choose the best appointment date and time for the athlete – on demand.
It’s that simple. It’s that fast. 

For more information, visit Phoenix Children’s Sports Medicine

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