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Conditions We Treat


Trauma can take many forms, but the teams at Phoenix Children's Level I Pediatric Trauma Center have the skills needed to keep your child safe.

"Trauma" is defined as injury to human tissues and organs resulting from the transfer of energy from the environment. But what does that mean, exactly? That can include bumps and bruises to serious life-threatening physical injuries like bleeding in the head and lacerations to organs.

There are two major categories of traumatic injury: penetrating and blunt. Penetrating injuries are less common in children, occurring when an object has penetrated the body's tissues. Blunt injuries are more common in children and occur when an object or force is exerted on the body causing an injury without penetrating the body tissues.

Regardless of the type of trauma, our Pediatric Trauma Center is specially equipped to help. Our Level I designation guarantees the immediate availability of specialized personnel, equipment and capabilities 24 hours a day.

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