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Child Life Assistants

Child Life and Therapeutic Arts Programs

Child life assistants have experience working with children at every point during the care journey. Our child life assistants are integral in helping to make sure that play needs are met during a hospital stay.

The Role of a Child Life Assistant

You’ll find child life assistants in patient rooms, playrooms and the Zone. The role of a child life assistant includes:

  • Managing playroom sessions for your child
  • Providing play opportunities for your child at the bedside
  • Planning special events and holiday celebrations
  • Creating medically themed crafts that familiarize and desensitize children to common hospital equipment
  • Ensuring that there are clean, safe toys available when it’s playtime
  • Supervising and training volunteers who play with your child and offer companionship
  • Choosing developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ages
  • Providing encouragement to children of every age and ability to participate in play

How to Contact Us

If your child needs toys or activities, ask your nurse or provider to make a referral.

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