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Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders PFAC

Patient and Family Advisory Councils

The Center for Cancer & Blood Disorder (CCBD) PFAC acts as a consultative and advisory resource to Phoenix Children’s and CCBD Leadership and staff and strives to represent CCBD patients and their families.  With the inception of the council in 2019, the group continuously works to promote core concepts of patient and family centered care: 

  • Work with dignity and respect through an inclusive atmosphere of trusting relationships.
  • Use clear, consistent communication to share information and fill any gaps in service or care.
  • Encourage participation from all stakeholders in the system, especially patients, parents and families, but also nurses, providers, staff, administrators, nonprofit organizations and benefactors.
  • Collaborate with other PFACs, departments and organizations to ensure a positive and strength-based care experience for all families.

The CCBD PFAC finds ways to build and support a powerful, positive multilayered care process for families at Phoenix Children’s with children battling cancer and blood disorders. The group promotes unity, equality and consistency in processes and programs. The shared goal is to provide the best care for the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and socioeconomic needs of patients and their caregivers.

A Voice for Families: From Mary Kay Rodgers, Former CCBD PFAC Chair

"I am so honored to be part of this amazing group. My daughter actually relapsed while I was a member of the CCBD PFAC, and it gave me a different and more powerful perspective on what so many families endure and are fearful of, and ultimately try to triumph over.

I could not have done it without the knowledge and empathetic support of the PFAC. I realized we are the voice of these families, and that families' sometimes feel their voices aren't heard during their care process. This group has the privilege to amend some of the communication challenges by empowering patients, families and the entire care team to have an open line of communication throughout the duration of care and even after.

Together, we created a resource guide for all CCBD families. We developed several user-friendly guidelines for in treatment and off treatment, and we became more intimately aware of what it takes to make every family feel safe, heard and loved. We also became acutely aware of the stress that caring for these children takes on this amazing hospital staff, and that there must be connection, compassion and collaboration with all stakeholders. This has been a blessing in our life, and I would love for the PFACs to help every family who comes to Phoenix Children’s receive excellent care for their child."

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