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Breast & Chest Wall

At Phoenix Children’s Comprehensive Breast and Chest Wall Clinic, we solve problems you don’t hear about every day. Our caring specialists treat abnormalities affecting breast growth and development, as well as the underlying breastbone and chest wall. 

Comprehensive Breast and Chest Wall Clinic

Breast and chest problems can affect girls and boys during pre-teen through young adulthood years. Breast anomalies include deformed or missing nipples, underdeveloped, overdeveloped or uneven breasts. Chest problems include indented or protruding chest, slipped ribs and other often painful disorders. Our cross-disciplinary team includes some of the nation’s top experts in pectus excavatum (sunken chest) and structural chest defects, and other breast and chest conditions. 

At Phoenix Children’s, we understand kids and teens, including their complex and changing physical, emotional and healthcare needs. Whatever the condition or cause, we can help.

Correcting Breast and Chest Abnormalities

Breast and chest abnormalities include defects from birth or conditions that develop later in life. Medications, infection, illness, trauma, burns or endocrine disorders sometimes play a role.

Coping with related physical or emotional pain challenges children of any age. In addition to often-embarrassing social and emotional effects, these disorders can lead to other problems. If left untreated, some can lead to back and neck pain, and sometimes even heart and lung conditions. Certain breast and chest abnormalities can be symptoms of underlying undiagnosed disease.  

Experts at Phoenix Children’s offer careful evaluation and medical, surgical and other therapies as indicated. We’re on your side at every turn as needs change and evolve. We help children heal and build the confidence and self-esteem they’ll need to reach their full potential. 

Financial Guidance and Options

At Phoenix Children’s Breast and Chest Wall Clinic, we treat pre-teens, teens, adolescents and young adults. Insurers may classify certain pediatric procedures as elective or cosmetic. Our financial counselors will guide you and discuss coverage and alternatives if needed. Phoenix Children’s offers competitive fee schedules and payment options for uncovered procedures. We’ll work with you to find the care and answers you deserve.

Coordinated Expertise Across Specialties

Phoenix Children’s offers exceptional continuity of care. Our multispecialty doctors work as partners with each other and you. We offer consultation, counseling and decision-making guidance, medical and surgical treatment, and physical therapy, rehab and pain management. 

You can count on advanced expertise tailored to pediatric and adolescent care across specialties, including: 

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