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Miranda N. Falk, PA-C

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Miranda N. Falk, PA-C

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Areas of Expertise

  • Early Gait Abnormality Fracture Care Spinal Deformity and Hip Dysplasia

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About Miranda N. Falk, PA-C

Miranda N. Falk, PA-C, is an orthopedic physician assistant specializing in scoliosis, fracture care and early gait abnormalities.

She believes each patient is more than just a medical diagnosis. "I look at every patient as a whole," Miranda says. With compassion and empathy, she makes sure to treat every child in her care as if they were a friend or family member.

Working in orthopedics since she was a teenager, Miranda always knew she wanted to help people and make them feel better. And she loves working with children. "They bring so much joy to our lives and truly are such innocent, wonderful beings."

She's honored to be part of Phoenix Children's, which she calls "a magical place that does amazing things every day."

Miranda enjoys baking and spending time with family and friends when she's not caring for her young patients.

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