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Soofia M. Khan, MD

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Soofia M. Khan, MD

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Areas of Expertise

  • Gastroenterology; Hepatology; Nutrition; Aerodigestive and Feeding disorders; Fatty Liver Disease/NASH

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About Soofia M. Khan, MD

Dr. Soofia Khan earned her medical degree from the University of Arizona, College of Medicine – Phoenix. She completed her pediatric residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, followed by her pediatric gastroenterology fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. After completing her training, she is excited to be back at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She enjoys taking of patients with various gastrointestinal diseases, and has a particular passion for feeding disorders. Additionally, she enjoys teaching as well as mentoring students and trainees. In her spare time, Dr. Khan enjoys spending time with her husband and dog. They enjoy traveling and exploring nature.

+Education & Training

Board Certification

General Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology

Medical School / Education

University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ


(Pediatrics) Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ


(Pediatric Gastroenterology) Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center-Cincinnati, OH


(Pediatrics) Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ

+Academic and Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN)

American Academy of Pediatrics

+Research & Publications


Wlasiuk G., Khan S., Switzer N.M., and Nachman, M.W. (2009). A history of recurrent positive selection at the toll-like receptor 5 in primates. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 26(4), 937-949. PMID: 19179655.

Khan, S., Schilsky, M., Silber, G., Morgenstern, B., and Miloh, T. (2016). TheChallenges of Diagnosing and Following Wilson Disease in the Presence of Proteinuria. Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, 19(2), 139-142. PMID: 27437191.

Williams, C., VanDahm, K., Stevens, L.M., Khan, S., Urich J., Iurilli, J., Linos, E., and Williams, D.I. (2017). Improved Outcomes with an Outpatient Multidisciplinary Intensive Feeding Therapy Program Compared with Weekly Feeding Therapy to Reduce Enteral Tube Feeding Dependence in Medically Complex Young Children. Current Gastroenterology Reports, 19(7), 33. PMID: 28639091.

Abu-El-Hajia, M., Lin, T.K., Khan, S., Fei, L., Thompson, T., and Nathan, J. (2018). Predictive biomarkers for acute gallstone pancreatitis in the pediatric population. Pancreatology, 15(5), 482-485. PMID: 29804917.

Khan, S., Saubolle, M.A., Oubuntia, T., Heidari, A., Barbian, K., Goodin, K., Eguchi, M., McCotter, O., Komatsu, K., Park, M.C.G., Mohamed, A., Chiller, T., andSunenshine, R. (2019). Interlaboratory agreement of coccidiomycosis enzymeimmunoassay from two different manufacturers. Medical Mycology, 57(4), 441-446.PMID: 30085141.

Khan, S. and Balistreri W. 50 years ago in the Journal of Pediatrics: Fatal Neonatal Hepatic Steatosis. The Journal of Pediatrics. Accepted.

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