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Salary & Benefits

Graduate Medical Education

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Salary & Benefits

Phoenix Children's offers Residents and fellows comprehensive medical insurance options, dental, vision, and long-term care benefits at reduced rates.  Life, health, disability, and professional liability insurance. 

Beginning January 1, 2024, Phoenix Children's has partnered with Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to allow Residents and Fellows to elect additional Individual Disability Insurance (IDI). While your Group Long Term Disability (LTD) plan is a solid foundation for protecting your income, it may not be enough protection for the total income in your future.

Eligible employees may be able to enroll during the upcoming open enrollment in November.   The cost will be dependent on age, salary, and additional selected riders, and will be provided when they go through the sign-up process.

2023 Benefits Package for Residents & Fellows


  AY 2023-2024
PL-1 $63,418
PL-2 $65,909
PL-3 $69,367
PL-4 $72,019
PL-5 $76,520
PL-6 $79,216
PL-7 $83,238
PL-8 $87,125
PL-9 $87,711
PL-10 $91,433


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