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Frequently Asked Questions


In-hospital Volunteer FAQs

I’m not 18 years old yet. Can I still volunteer?

I’m a winter visitor. Can I volunteer in just the winter months?   

What is the dress code?

Can I volunteer with a friend?

What immunizations am I required to have?  

I don’t know what immunizations I had. What do I do? 

I really only want to hold and rock babies. Is there a program like that?

I/we would like to come in and read, play games, and visit with the patients.  Is that ok?

My schedule seems to change regularly. Can I change my shift schedule?

How soon can I start?

I am already a Phoenix Children's Community volunteer, how do I become an In-hospital volunteer, too?

Community Volunteer FAQs

My department at work would like to do something for the hospital. Can we plan an event with Phoenix Children’s?  Who do we talk to? 

Does everyone in our group have to be signed up as a Community Volunteer in the database?

Can I be a Community volunteer and also be a volunteer in the hospital?

Is there an age minimum to be a Community volunteer?

Summer Volunteer Program FAQs

When does the information about the Summer Program become available?

Is there anything available for teens under age eighteen?

What is the commitment for the Summer Program?  Is the commitment the same as the regular in-hospital program?

Animal-Assisted Therapy FAQs

What if I don’t have a pet? Can I still volunteer with animal assisted therapy?

How can my pet and I be a therapy animal team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital?

How can my pet and I become a registered animal assisted therapy team?

My pet and I are already a registered therapy animal team. How can we become an animal assisted therapy team at Phoenix Children’s?

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