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Give to PCH and get it back through the AZ Charitable Tax Credit

It's tax season! Make the most of your deductions and support a great cause.  Donate today and you could get a dollar for dollar tax credit on your 2017 state filing.  100% of your donation will go directly to the hospital and make a huge impact on programs that rely on the community for support.

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Watch Step By Step How to Log On to the Patient Portal

In less than 2 minutes, learn how to log on and use FollowMyHealth, our Patient Portal, to start managing your child's personal medical records 24/7 from any device. 

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Visitor Restrictions are Lifted for Children Under 12

Visitor restrictions are lifted! Children under 12 can now visit inpatient areas and patients can now visit the outpatient clinics and cafeteria. Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last few months!

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