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Your Child is Sick: Urgent Care or the ER?

Fox 10 News speaks with Chris A. Ramsook, MD the medical director who oversees all of the Phoenix Children’s Urgent Care Centers, about when it’s appropriate to take your child to a Phoenix Children’s Urgent Care rather than the ER. See the story here!


Phoenix-Area Transgender 12-year-old Shares Transition Story

Dr. Chulani, who specializes in adolescent medicine at Phoenix Children’s, is guiding Luke and his family as he fully transitions. See how Luke plans to inspire others!


'Truly Grateful': Strangers Linked by Life-Saving Marrow Donations

7-year-old Anna DeLaney, reached her 100th day of recovery after a life-saving bone-marrow transplant from blood cells sent from a European donor. Watch her story featured on the TODAY show here!


The Motion Lab at Phoenix Children’s

Arizona PBS featured the Bubba Watson and PING Golf Motion Analysis Laboratory at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The lab offers a new mode of evaluation and treatment to children with sports injuries and gait dysfunction. New technology assesses 3-D measures of joint motion and force as well as electromyographic (EMG) measures of muscle activity during movement. See the story here!


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