Kohl's Mindful Me

The mission of Kohl’s Mindful Me is to empower and support children, families, and communities to achieve their full potential in health and wellness. Kohl’s Mindful Me is a stress management and self-regulation community outreach program aimed at building childhood and family resiliency through positive parenting, yoga, mindfulness and gardening.

Toxic stress affects the mental and physical health of a child. Toxic stress occurs when a child experiences adversity such as extreme poverty, abuse, or exposure to violence, substance abuse, or mental illness. These negative experiences are called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and these experiences can manifest into chronic and/or behavioral health issues.

Phoenix Children’s and Kohl’s Cares will be working within select schools to train teachers on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma. Teachers receive training to lead mindfulness and yoga activities in the classroom to support children of elementary, middle, and high school ages learn and develop coping skills. School gardens are built on school grounds to help children decrease stress, raise self-confidence, and build interpersonal and cooperative skills. Trained and accredited Kohl’s Mindful Me staff teach community classes, using the evidence-based Triple P parenting curriculum, to address child development by fostering positive behavioral health of families. Kohl’s Mindful Me aims to provide support and guidance through Kohl’s Mindful Me staff to create trauma sensitive schools.

All communities and schools, even those located outside of the region, can participate in Kohl’s Mindful Me program with digital Kohl’s Mindful Me yoga cards and our “ACEs Informed Starter Kit” to assist you in creating a trauma sensitive environment.


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