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Road Safety Programs

Center for Family Health & Safety Department

Child Passenger Safety Program

In Arizona, motor vehicle crashes are a common cause of preventable deaths of children. Using an appropriate restraint drastically reduces a child’s or adult’s risk of injury or death.

The Kids Ride Safe Program reaches out to parents about the importance and correct use of car seats, booster seats and restraints. Selecting the right car seat for your child can be difficult. You need to factor in the child's age, height, weight and any special needs, the latest pediatric recommendations and state laws. We host bimonthly car seat classes and car seat checks. Our trained technicians check car seat installations, provide education, distribute car seats and provide special needs consultations for those children whose health conditions require specialized safety interventions.

Be prepared with your smartphone the next time you're shopping for a car seat or booster seat with this great tool! Search for "car seat helper" in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, available in English and Spanish.

Car Seat Safety (PDF)

Asiento de Seguridad del Auto (PDF)

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Phoenix Children's and State Farm

Teen Driving

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, some of the factors that cause teenaged driver crashes and injury are lack of driver experience, young age at licensure, failure to use safety belts, inadequate hazard-perception skills, distraction (cellular phone, food, drink, and music), transporting teenaged passengers, nighttime driving, and speeding, among many others.

Arizona's GDL Laws (PDF)

Leyes del Programa GDL de Arizona (PDF)

Teen Driving Agreement (PDF)

Teen Driving Agreement - Español (PDF)

Helmet and Pedestrian Program

According to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, more children ages 5-14 go to emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries than with any other sport; many are head injuries.

The Helmet and Pedestrian Program reaches out to parents and children about the importance and correct use of helmets, bicycles, scooters, skateboards and ATV’s. Our mission is to educate and equip as many children in our community with the tools and safety materials (helmets) to keep them safe.

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