Medical Specialties

PCH Neuropsychology

Location: 1919 E. Thomas Road 

Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Building B, 4th Floor

Contact: Karen Autry    602-933-0414

Faculty: Michael Lavoie PhD, Veronica Bordes-Edgar PhD and Joy Goldberg PhD

Site Information:

Neuropsychology Testing- Residents spend either a half day with a Neuropsychologist observing and assisting with neuropsychological testing.

Psychology Didactic Clinic (4th floor Conference Room- Building B)- Residents will join in the psychology didactic clinic in which psychologist and psychology interns present on various mental health topics.


Increase medical knowledge in the areas of: cognitive disabilities, language and learning disorders, motor disabilities, ASD, attention disorders, neurodevelopmental assessment, assessment of behavioral adjustment and temperment, major diagnostic classification and schemas, integration of evaluations from other disciplines, consultation and referrals, early intervention and education, and developmental and behavioral adaptation to a variety of acute, chronic and physical illness.

Strengthen patient care, interpersonal and communitcation skills and professionalism by actively participating in teh screening and testing of neuropsychology patients at PCH Psychology sites.

Expand knowledge of system-based practice by gaining information about community resources in neuropsychology.

Reading Materials: IQ Testing, Psychometric Testing

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