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Severe Asthma Clinic


The Severe Asthma Clinic is a multidisciplinary program with specialists in Pulmonology, Allergy, Respiratory Therapy and Nursing, who collaborate to help children with severe asthma.

A severe asthma patient is defined as those experiencing pediatric intensive care unit admissions and frequent hospitalizations or Emergency Department visits, despite receiving asthma medications. 

The team performs a comprehensive evaluation with pulmonary function testing, including measurement of lung inflammation, and allergy skin testing to design an individualized asthma treatment plan. 

The clinic focuses on:

  • confirming the asthma diagnosis
  • identifying co-existing problems that may be making the asthma worse (e.g. vocal cord dysfunction) 
  • identifying asthma triggers and strategies to avoid these triggers 
  • recognizing non-adherence and developing strategies to encourage adherence 
  • helping children and their families recognize early warning signs of asthma attacks

In addition, the clinic administers omalizumab injections (Xolair), provides extensive asthma education, and reviews asthma medications using an Asthma Action Plan. 

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Matthew Rank, MD 

Respiratory Therapy 

Robert Hall 

Kathy White 

Tracy Borgen, Nurse Coordinator

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