Seth and Nichole's Story

Seth and Nichole's Story

Intent on leaving California, and looking for a fresh start in a new state, Nichole and her 12-year-old son Seth moved to Arizona in February 2013. However, the move proved to be more difficult than Nichole initially thought.

"I have a child with a medical disorder and no support system," Nichole recounted, "needless to say, it was really scary and I had no idea with to expect."

Nichole is a hemophilia carrier and Seth has severe hemophilia. They were referred to Phoenix Children’s Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (HTC), which treats both children and adults, by their previous HTC in California.

"It is comforting knowing that the family as a whole can go to one place," Nichole commented, "[it] brings familiarity and feels like we are part of a caring community."

Phoenix Children’s Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center provides comprehensive services to patients of and families all ages with genetic bleeding and clotting disorders. The Phoenix Children’s HTC is the only federally recognized comprehensive hemophilia center in Phoenix, serving the majority of individuals and families with blood clotting disorders.

When Nichole brought Seth in for his first appointment at Phoenix Children’s Hemophilia Center, they immediately felt welcome. Seth instantly bonded with Becky Garcia, RN, BSN, CPN, Pediatric Hemophilia clinical coordinator.

"It was such a different experience at this HTC compared to our previous one," Nichole said, "it felt so personal and involved, not like he was just another patient to be seen. It felt safe."

Seth, now almost 13, always looks forward to his appointments. He has a great relationship with all of the staff, but especially with Becky. She was with him the first time he self-infused at Camp Honor, Phoenix Children’s infusion boot camp, and is always available when he has questions or is struggling with self-infusion at home. Not only did Becky’s boot camp reinforce education by teach-back methods, but it also helped Seth embrace his hemophilia.

"Everyone here has helped Seth far beyond my expectations," Nichole said. "The Phoenix Children's Hemophilia Center is a force beyond its name. It's not a center, it is a home; a security blanket of friendship, love and community."

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