Community Advocacy Program (CAP)


The Community Advocacy Program (CAP) is a comprehensive program focused on increasing resident knowledge and awareness related to children’s health and access to services at the community level. The Program consists of a one-month block rotation month during the second year, monthly noon conferences, monthly newsletters and longitudinal CAP Project groups. Each group participates in various activities throughout the year that are centered on their core focus area.

Adolescent Health

In collaboration with the Community Outreach and Injury Prevention Department at Phoenix Children's Hospital, the Adolescent Health group assists with the Teen Driving Safety Program. Two local high-schools are chosen to participate in the intervention that targets teens, parents and teachers. The intervention includes seatbelt assessments, intervention/teaching opportunities and a post-assessment.

Global Health

The Global Health group is currently focused on improving health literacy of refugee populations in Arizona. The group is working on a partnership with the Maricopa County Refugee Women's Health Clinic to provide classes to expectant mothers focused on pediatric care.

Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention group will participate in "Playing It Safe", an evidence-based drowning prevention program designed by Phoenix Children's Hospital. The group will partner with the Community Outreach and Injury Prevention Department to workshops in the Phoenix Metropolitan area

Legislative Advocacy

The Legislative Advocacy group was formed in 2013. The group was formed by residents passionate about demystifying the legislative process and advocating for children. The initial project of the group "Pediatricians at the Capitol" was a huge success. The event provided interested residents the opportunity to go to the State Capitol during the legislative session to advocate for child health issues and was hosted in partnership with the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP). Residents were able to attend the Health Committee meetings and meeting with their state representatives. The event was well received and reviewed and will continue annually.

The Legislative group is also collaborating with the School Health and Obesity Prevention groups to work on the Machan Elementary Project.

Obesity Prevention

The Obesity Prevention group, with the guidance of Dr. Kristi Samaddar, is dedicated to increasing provider comfort with nutrition counseling and obesity prevention. Current projects include a longitudinal study of resident comfort related to nutrition counseling and collaboration with the School Health group to the Machan Elementary Project.

School Health

Under the direction of Dr. Sara Bode, residents in the School Health group are focused on child advocacy from a community and school level. Residents are providing trainings on common health issues to the Health Techs at the Washington School District and reviewing the districts health policies. The group is also leading the Machan Elementary Project that includes a community and school based needs assessment and interventions.

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