Injury Prevention

With the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, this team is working on drowning prevention outreach with swimming programs across the valley.


Global Health

The residents, along with Dr. Lara Yoblonski, are working on a needs assessment with the refugee program at the Department of Public Health to hopefully target improving having refugee children established within a medical home.

School Health

Under the guidance of Dr. Sara Bode, the residents are working with the Washington School District on education of Health Techs and review of school health policies.

Palliative Care/Special Needs

With the mentorship of Dr. Wendy Bernatavicius and Dr. Tressia Shaw the residents update a reference guide for parents that include the following topics: Breastfeeding, Food Pyramid, Youth Activities, Healthy Eating/WIC, Community Centers, Domestic Violence Shelter, DES Locations, AZEIP/DDD, Free & Low Cost Health Clinics, Support Groups, Immunizations, Mental Health.

Power of Prevention

A CATCH grant funded project has the residents with the leadership of Dr. Kristi Samaddar and Dr. Cody Conklin-Aguilera working on nutrition and exercise with children in the classrooms.

Teen Parents Together

This resident team along with Dr. Michelle Huddleston and Dr. Sara Beaumont design and create fun and interactive curriculum on parenting and life skills topics for teen parents in a fun, interactive, safe environment.

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