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Host an Event for Patients at the Hospital


Hosting a fun event helps brighten their day! We welcome events that are entertaining, interactive and of interest to a variety of ages.

Note: Our in-hospital volunteers provide patient support such as reading, playing games, assisting with arts and crafts, and simply spending one-on-one time with patients. Activities like those are not considered an Event for Patients. If you would like to become an In-hospital volunteer please visit our In-hospital volunteer pages to learn more.

Hosted Events need to Follow these Guidelines

  • The group hosting the event is limited to 6 people, and all must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Production groups, including theatre and musical groups, are limited to 15 people.
  • Hosted Events and performances are usually limited to 30 to 60 minutes.
  • All members of the visiting group must be free of fever, cold, and/or flu-like symptoms for two weeks prior to visit.
    • All are required to fill out a Contagious Illness Screening Form. The form requires information on vaccinations, too.
    • Any members of the visiting group not up to date on vaccinations will not be permitted into the hospital in the interest of protecting the health of the patients.
  • Hosted Events and presentations should be child friendly and of interest to many ages.
  • Hosted Events and presentations must remain free from violence and political or religious expressions.
  • Presentations and performances are limited to the presenters and performers only.  In other words, no direct participation is permitted in the presentation or performance by patients and their families other than normal audience participation.
  • All character costumes must be licensed.
  • Costumes must be pre-approved by the hospital Event Coordinator.
  • Groups are highly encouraged to have experience providing the type of Event in other hospitals.
  • All Hosted Events and performances will take place in a central activity area.

If your event follows these guidelines, you are invited to complete the Host an Event for Patients Application. Some exceptions can be made after review by the hospital Event Coordinator.

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