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Tourette & Tic Disorder Clinic


If your child has symptoms or a diagnosis of Tourette syndrome or other tic disorders, our multispecialty team can help. The Tic and Tourette Syndrome Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is part of the world-class Barrow Neurological Institute.

We treat Tourette syndrome (Tourette’s) and other complex nervous system disorders. Tourette syndrome is a chronic tic disorder. Children with these conditions experience mild or severe tics, which are sudden, involuntary sounds or repetitive motions. A child with Tourette’s may have tics such as continual throat-clearing, blinking or blurting out words they didn’t mean to say. 

Tourette’s can affect learning, socializing and development during the critical growing years. We understand this challenging condition and treat each child with kindness and one-to-one care. Our doctors will evaluate your child and create a plan to manage their Tourette syndrome and related neuropsychiatric conditions.

Multispecialty Teamwork for Complex Conditions

We address the most challenging conditions or concerns that families may face. Our Complex Tourette Syndrome Clinic is staffed by a team of experts who are skilled in managing tic disorders and Tourette syndrome, as well as ADHD anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorder and other conditions.

Doctors with advanced expertise address a full range of medical or behavioral challenges commonly associated with Tourette syndrome. Our team includes doctors with high-level skills in these and other specialties: 

  • Pediatric movement disorders neurology
  • Developmental pediatrics
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry 
  • Pediatric psychology

Early Diagnosis and Integrated Therapies

Tourette’s is typically diagnosed in school-aged children. At Phoenix Children’s, we make every effort to evaluate and identify kids with Tourette’s and related disorders as early as possible. This allows us to offer your child helpful solutions before Tourette’s interferes with important developmental processes and milestones. 

We take a whole-child approach to care, collectively creating a treatment plan that best fits your child and family. Our doctors use these and other types of therapies:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Medical therapies
  • Injection therapies, such as botulinum toxin injections
  • Comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT)
  • Family and school support
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) for certain severe conditions

Your child will learn to understand and manage Tourette syndrome, and live life to its fullest. In some instances, Tourette symptoms get milder or even go away without requiring treatment. For some children, symptoms may get worse and can be especially troubling during transitional adolescent years. Our team can make positive changes in your child’s life at any age, and continue consultation or care as needed into adolescence and adulthood.

National Recognition and Support

At Phoenix Children’s, your child never has to feel alone when coping with Tourette and tic disorders. Our designation as a Tourette Association of America Center of Excellence recognizes our consistently exceptional level of clinical care.

In addition to our team’s personalized care and services, our national affiliation offers added benefits for your child and family. Through Phoenix Children’s, you have access to social support from patients and families across the nation who face similar concerns. You are also assured of the best therapies and resources based on current scientific knowledge about this condition.

Learn more about our programs and services at Phoenix Children’s, including support groups near you.

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