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Adolescents have unique healthcare needs and concerns. Not simply big children or little adults, adolescents also require a special approach to care that recognizes the physical, social, and emotional changes they are going through.

Adolescent Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive primary and specialty care to youth ages 11 to 21 years old. We provide adolescents with the best care possible by partnering with parents and families as they guide and support their teens through this period of change. 

We deliver excellent care that acknowledges and supports adolescents’ growing maturity and independence, encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices and prepares them to assume increasing responsibility for their health.

Our team of providers include specialists in the field of adolescent medicine to provide your teen with the best care possible.  

The Adolescent Medicine team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital work closely with other specialists in the hospital to ensure your teen is receiving the best care possible, and that treatment is tailored specifically for their needs. In the course of their evaluation and treatment, our physicians may refer your teen to additional programs and specialists, including:


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