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Adult Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Program

The Adult CF Program

The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program at Phoenix Children’s is accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and provides comprehensive care and support for over 250 adult patients with cystic fibrosis. The Adult CF Program is committed to the multi-disciplinary model of care that is the basis for all CF care, but with focus on adult care, adult complications of cystic fibrosis, and the impact of cystic fibrosis on common adult health issues. We value patient independence and patient priorities, and work with adult patient and families to establish individualized care. Outpatient clinical care for adult CF patients takes place at Phoenix Children’s and is staffed by providers board certified in adult medicine.  Hospital care is provided in a separate adult care facility where you are still managed by your CF team in conjunction with other adult providers and subspecialists.

The team partners with adult providers in the community to address full spectrum of CF disease in adults, including reproductive issues, referral for transplant evaluation, and post-transplant CF care. Team members are well versed in the complexity of non-medical issues facing adults with CF, including family, career, employment, and insurance issues, and can help provide guidance and resources to patients and families. The Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program is fully committed to providing high quality care to this expanding population of cystic fibrosis patients.

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